No Prey, Just No

Image: Prey

I was having a conversation with a friend just recently how Prey was looking really slick. And then I saw something in the latest trailer that made me nope right the fuck out.

"Once testing begins you can't go back," the voiceover says. Fair enough. There has to be a sense of finality to video games, after all.

And then the shot changes to the player character basically sticking two giant needles probably into his eye.

Image: Prey

NOPE. No. Absolutely not. No. I'm out.

Thanks Prey, you're looking great. But nope. But doing shit to the eyes? That's too much for me. Hell, the last time I tried to read a story about eye tattooing I ended up having a panic attack on my bedroom floor and smashing the side of my head against a chair.

So yeah, I'm out. But if you like horror games, and are not at all freaked out by the prospect of jamming shit into your eyes, here's a new Prey trailer! There's a fair few guns involved.


    Man that's looking slick as hell. I'm pumped for it now.

    I'm guessing you didn't like that scene in Dead Space 2 with the eye surgery robot either...

      FUCK nope

        I'm the same Alex. I didn't play Dead Space 2 because of that scene.

        As someone that has to get a Cornea transplant sometime in the future.. I share your sentiments...

      That scene really caught me by surprise. It was great but man, yeah. Eek.
      I still had to screw it up on purpose to see what would happen though, because I'm morbidly curious like that.

    Chris Avellone went over from Obsidian to Arkane to work as a writer on this so very interested in it personally. Looks great.

    I'm with you Alex - I cringe every time I get to a certain point in Bioshock's Burial At Sea 2.

    Well i guess that explains the red eye from the 1st trailer lol

    Looks cool, yet another game im looking forward too.
    I really hope they fix those shadows, its almost like the static meshes dont have light collision turned on and no radiance to it, looked really unnatural.

    I was once told by a friend who got surgery done to his eyes for cateracts, that you can't actually feel anything that's done to the eyeball like that?

    I guess you could say, it's all in your head... *badoom tish*

    Hold on, didn't the first Prey have sniper scopes where you out your eye against quivering sphincters?

    I'm more worried about those pre-order perks. Medkits? Ammo? Please tell me they are not going down the microtransaction path for basic FPS commodities.

    Guys, don't forget to preorder this for your 2 Medkits!! LMAO

    Could be worse... it coukd support VR headsets and object controllers.

    No matter how slick it looks, dont preorder.
    Prey is a new IP (borrowing the name of an old IP).

    Its also a Bethesda game that is now bound by their "no pre-release reviews" policy... the same policy that delivered a buggy frame rate dropping unplayable at launch Dishonoured 2 which delivered very little innovation on the original given the headache it was for months

      unplayable is hysterical exaggeration

      i preordered dishonored 2, i'll preorder prey

    Loving the look of this. If this game is good then it could establish Arkane as one of the best devs in the business. Just wish their games sold better.

      Long way for them to be the best... they have a lot to do to make up for Dishonoured 2 launch, especislly on PC buggy mess for months on release.

    Seriously how can you not be ashamed to write and publish crap like this, no one gives a crap that you don't want to play a video game because you have a phobia of eye pain. They want to know what that game is like not your personal aversion to it. Go back to school and learn what journalism is!

      Poe's Law? Or actual fuckwit?

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