Nothing Dies In Resident Evil 7

If you're hoping to avoid spoilers for the new Resident Evil, this probably isn't the video to watch. But if you'd like to enjoy a less spookier take on a horror game, dunkey's got you covered.

If every horror game was this cheeky, I'd probably be able to play all of them. Mind you, I'd probably end up just as frustrated at how useless the gun is. (Actually come to think of it, the one horror game I did play through - The Evil Within - suffered from exactly that same problem.)

But even once you shoot people in the head and chop their limbs off, it doesn't apparently matter.

For those who genuinely like horror games, Resident Evil 7 is actually pretty good. We'll have Heather's review up later today.


    This is the sole reason I stopped playing. What's the bloody point of having any weapons at all if you can't kill anything. Doesn't make it scary, just extremely goddamn frustrating.

      When ever i killed any of the molded, and even Jack or Margerite. Unless i progress the game that area usually stays barren of any enemies.

      So, enemies spawn the same as the first 3 games always did. Nothing new.

        It would be different if it was just the Molded (which I only just found out you can kill) and the Bakers were a boss fight at the end of the game, but you "kill" Jack and he just keeps coming back. I'm currently stuck in a loop where he's just chasing me around the house and I need to pick up the third dogs head to open the door, but the game won't let me because Jack keeps finding me. And there's no point trying to kill him because it's impossible.

          Hmmm, didnt have him respawn when i shot his head off on the 2nd floor, but if they do come back i wouldnt be mad at that. The family members act as a Nemesis of sorts, so just gotta suck it up, they want you to waste resources.Just aim for the head, only way to drop any of the enemies most the time.

            When he ambushed me in the bathroom I tried putting a few rounds in his head with the handgun (haven't got the shotgun yet), and all it does is stagger him a little, he just keeps on coming, so I figured that you have to try and escape him.

              yeah, i dropped him with the Knife and Handgun. Definitely doable, and didnt take that long to do.

    I don't understand the "can't kill anything" conclusion people have come to?? I had no issue killing the enemies. Headshots kill the molded in like three shots with the handgun. As for the Baker family they are meant to be more difficult they are boss fights. Why complain about a game that is meant to make you struggle to survive??? It's survival horror!!

      False information, as far as i know its the same in Madhouse difficulty also.

      So really bad no one fact checked this.

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