Obsidian Announces Pillars Of Eternity II

Obsidian Announces Pillars Of Eternity II

The original Pillars Of Eternity was an excellent revival of classic-style PC RPGs (think Baldur’s Gate, but shinier). It also made gobs of cash on Kickstarter. Now Obsidian is making a sequel, and they’re tapping the ol’ crowdfunding well one more time.

Instead of going back to Kickstarter, Obsidian is crowdfunding Pillars Of Eternity II on Fig, the service used by games like Psychonauts 2 and Rock Band 4, where they’re hoping to raise a minimum of $US1.1 million ($1.4 million). Fig, unlike other crowdfunding platforms, allows people to invest in projects and potentially share in the profits. Obsidian says $US2.25 million ($2.98 million) is open for equity. I’d advise that you regard that proposition with scepticism, though, given that we don’t have much evidence of how it works out with video games. Bottom line is, Obsidian is asking for $US1.1 million ($1.4 million), the same goal they set for the first Pillars Of Eternity. Contribute if you want a video game.

Pillars of Eternity II is subtitled Deadfire, and it takes place in an island region called Deadfire, as opposed to Doubtfire, Starfire or Angel Fire, New Mexico. You, reprising your role as Watcher from the first game, and venture to Deadfire after Ethoas, god of light and rebirth, rises up and wrecks your home base. Choices from the original Pillars will apparently carry over, and the game world will be even more reactive this time around, with NPCs offering different quests based on when you approach them and what they're up to at the time. There'll also be new companions, new spells, new weapons and all that fantastical 12th dimension jazz.

Here's a video:

And here are some images:

Seems like it will be a sequel in the style of Baldur's Gate II: Similar to the first systemically, but with smart tweaks and a lot of new Stuff (TM). It isn't another Tyranny or anything like that. What do you, the people, the pillars of this eternity we call a video game blog, think?


  • Baldur’s Gate series, Icewind Dale series, Planescape: Torment, Fallout 1/2/Tactics, Arcanum, Dungeon Siege, Divinity series and more.. I’ve played just about every decent isometric RPG since they started making them, and while I find the story of Pillars interesting, the game as a whole hasn’t “hooked” me like others. I think it’s aimed at just too narrow a segment of the playerbase of these games. Sort of like WildStar and MMO’s was.

    I’ll keep an eye on Pillars 2 development and see what changes they’re making to the “core” of the game (if any) before I decide to “pre-order” it.

  • Awww yisss.

    Hope they’ve refined the combat a little. Otherwise, loved the first one.

    Actually, I would have preferred some sort of endgame too, as I finished the main quest without realising and there were a bunch of side quests I would have liked to go on and do.

  • Sooo excited! Pillars of Eternity was one of those games that sucked me right in… the lore, combat, characters, so damn good! Didn’t get to Tyranny, but definitely backing this.

      • I will! One day haha. I still feel weird about paying that much money for a digitial product that could disappear at any time, so I’ll wait until a sale I think 😛

  • Ill actually have to finish number 1, was loving it then computer died and by the time I built;t my new one I was a bit daunted into jumping back in again.

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