Off Topic: Australia Day

Image: Youtube / Chowhound

Our national holiday is fast approaching. A day of sasuages. Triple M on the radio. Backyard cricket. Companies doing stupid things to get attention. And (probably) an awful lot of drinking.

But what plans will you have for the upcoming public holiday?

I've been asking a few friends about what to do for this upcoming Australia Day, and nothing's formalised as of yet. It seems like a great day for chilling and board games - I don't live in the Southern Highlands anymore, and none of my friends really have a decent backyard we can take advantage of.

Bit of a shame, really. I've been keen for some backyard cricket, partially thanks to some excellent videos on YouTube by a bunch of mates who capture their backyard games with a bunch of GoPro cameras and some After Effects magic.

What will you be doing on Australia Day?


    Driving to Canberra for CANCON!!!! Boardgames and wargames for dayyyssss!!!

    Working an afternoon shift in a busy emergency department. Joy.

    I'm going to be at work and taking Monday off instead for change the date.

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