Off Topic: Pizza

Image: Kotaku/Alex Walker

I make it a point not to eat pizza, or at least as little as humanly possible. It's not that I hate the doughy, topped delight that Italians brought into the world - it's that I love it too much.

But when I was in Las Vegas for CES last week, I made an exception. And holy shit, did I make the correct choice.

Pictured above is my best life: a simple cheese and basil pizza with a bendy, but ever-so-slightly charred, crust. It's a simple flavour. It's pleasant. It's great.

But what types of pizzas do you like to consume?

If it's a work situation and someone is doing a mass order, I like the lowest-possible-calories option of a margherita. As a kid I swore by ham and pineapple, but now it's either as little as possible, supreme or, if it's a nice place, a ricotta/spinach calzone.

What about yourselves?

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