OK, Levitating Speakers Are Pretty Cool

OK, Levitating Speakers Are Pretty Cool

It can be difficult sometimes to get excited by the array of weird and wonderful technology on display at a massive convention like CES. And then you turn around and there’s a speaker hovering in the air.

That’s the actual situation attendees this year will have, by the way, since LG are debuting their PJ9 Levitating Portable Speaker. It’s not the first speaker to employ such wizardry; that honour goes to the electromagnets that helped power the Plox Death Star speaker.

We have one in the office. Yes, it’s a floating Death Star that plays music.

But the PJ9 isn’t to be ignored either. For a start, it’s got a charge time of 10 hours – not bad. And according to the company, when it runs out of charge the 360-degree speaker (another plus) floats down into the base to charge again.

It all runs through Bluetooth, which most people should be familiar with if they’ve ever tried to bugger up the playlist at a house party over New Year’s. And there’s also a small subwoofer hidden inside the base charger, which is a nice touch.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but when that’s announced we’ll let you know. (The hovering Death Star, incidentally, only costs $250 from JB.)


  • These have been around long before the death star one, seen them heaps in Asia shaped like different characters

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