Overwatch Is Available For $26 On PC Right Now

Image: Blizzard

If you've ever thought about grabbing Overwatch on PC, then you might want to take a look at the sale on the Korean and Taiwanese Battle.net stores.

Usually it's not recommended to buy games in other territories, due to region locking, languages and other shenanigans. But fortunately for Overwatch, the game is completely region-free and available in English, irrespective of which Battle.net store you buy from.

The deals are pretty similar: you either pay &won;22,500 through the Korean store (~$25.50) or $NT650 (~$27.50) through Taiwan. Either deal is a massive saving on the $69.95 for the base version of Overwatch through the US store, so if you've been holding out or you want another account now is a good time to jump in.

If you are firing up the game for the first time, you'll want to refer back to Nathan's guide to get you started. (And since new players often gravitate towards Bastion, you might like to know what changes Blizzard has in store for the bird-loving robot turret.)


    So, is there anyway to purchase with a credit card?

    Otherwise, if I had balance to my account in Australian $, will I be able to purchase the Korean game? Will the amounts convert to the other or will I need to add money when logged in through a VPN for the region?

    Why do Blizzard make it hard, just let me use a credit card dammit?

      I would also like to know this, i have the page open ready to add $26 AUD to my balance but i'd like to be certain that it'll work to pay in the korean store

      EDIT: Also does anyone know when the sale ends on the korean version, because it says that adding balance to your account could take 3 days, so i dont want to do that and then the sale ends before i can buy it.

      EDIT 2: i was only looking at the korean one because it was cheaper, but the taiwan one let me pay by paypal which is my saved blizzard payment method, so if you have your credit card as yours try the taiwan sale if you haven't

      Last edited 31/01/17 3:18 pm

    Bought it last night.

    Taiwan site allows you to use paypal / visa card

    Not sure if there was any other fees but it said it was $27 aud at checkout.

      Yeah as i said in a comment above i eventually used the taiwan link too as it lets you use paypal, mine ended up being $28.50 taken out of my account, im guessing the extra $1 or so was fees for currency exchange

    I worked it out. Try the Taiwan link not Korea. It should let you choose alternate payment options. I would recommend linking a paypal to your account and pay that way. Otherwise i am not sure if it will work. I also think the deal ends in a couple of days because its for the lunar new year. Good luck

    I'm trying to grab the game via the Taiwan website, when I click the to purchase it tries to redirect me to the US site but won't load as it says it "too many redirects occurred"

    Thanks for info guys, purchased mine last night as well. Hope to be online with some fellow Aussies in the near future.


    Annoyingly, I'm one of those idiots who bought it a week ago at full price. Damn it!

    Yep, purchased and played.

    That said, one of the reasons I haven't bought it already is because I usually don't like multiplayer games. Played Overwatch for 2 hours last night... it's a very good game, if you like multiplayer games. So I've not changed my mind - but at least it only cost me $27 to confirm it.

    Good news! It's available for a special price of TWD 950 again :D for the GOTY edition on the Taiwanese site

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