Overwatch Players Are Sick Of Mei's Ice Wall Exploit

If you're a frequent player of Overwatch's 3v3 mode, you've probably experienced the Mei ice wall glitch. It allows players to get outside the level, at which point they can shoot you, but you can't shoot them. It is, in short, total garbage.

The glitch has been an issue for weeks now, but it only began dominating 3v3 mode on Ecopoint: Antarctica recently. First, here's how it works, courtesy of Hey Charlie:

It doesn't take people long to build their ice wall stairways to heaven, and once they're up there, you're basically helpless. If you engage, you die. If you try to wait them out, it's boring as hell.

Overwatch's subreddit and forums are overwhelmed with threads about the issue:

Some people are even declaring it the new 3v3 meta and offering up strategies to counter it. And I mean, it is satisfying to watch cheaters get swatted down into a shame crater before they can even do anything. This video by Jimjam Baloney is a great example:

Despite all of this, Blizzard has yet to officially acknowledge the problem. Not only that, they apparently failed to fix it in today's patch, which gave players access to the long-awaited Oasis map. Oh, and to make matters worse, the glitch works there as well. People are taking that about as well as you'd expect:

It isn't a great situation! In my experience, cheaters are still nowhere to be found in the majority of 3v3 matches, but I've encountered them on a couple occasions, and it was hella frustrating. I had no idea I could find Mei even more annoying to play against than I already did, but I guess you learn something new every Mei.



    I've seen a lot of this in recent matches, the frustrating thing is people just leave the match, so there is no post-match-screen to report the offenders...

    Could the solution be as simple as instakilling anyone who wanders outside a defined play area?

      I would probably say unlikey because you might get genuine issues where a Rein or DVA or even Mei accidently knocking yourself through a boundary, then you would have those legitimate player complaining for being instakilled.

      Maybe not insta-kill, as the other comment described, it might affect legitimate players. However I know some games implement a timer that if you don't get back into the game within it, you die. Not the best solution, but it would be a quick fix.

    Its odd that blizzard isn't doing anything about it, considering how hard they came down on people who bugged in different characters into Lucioball

      My assumption is that there's a number of Dev's still on their holiday break.

        This is the most likely reason. The Oasis patch was finished (including QA and PTR) before Christmas, actual development work finished on it in early December. The people who think Blizzard are just ignoring this bug are clueless.

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