Overwatch Running Chinese New Year Event

Overwatch will be running a thing for Chinese New Year, starting January 25. There will be skins.

Korea gets its own message, with a killer D.Va skin:


    Ah come on, I just finished working myself to death for the Christmas skins.

      This. Plus I was intending to finally get back to Twilight Princess then.

      I know the feeling.
      The problem I have is that most of the time there is only a small window to unlock the skins. What doesn't help is also the amount of sprays and player icons which lowers your chance of getting a skin. Also when is Blizzard going to fix the getting already unlocked items in loot drops? For Blizzard this is not a bug as it means more chance of people buying loot crates.
      I'm so over this o you can buy 50x look creates. What is the $60 I paid for the game used for?

        I've noticed that too as of late, roughly every 3rd loot book I open has 4 duplicates ... I mean I have all the current available skins I wanted for my hero's and now looking at the emotes and intros ... but still the amount of sprays is stupid im never going to use all 30+ odd sprays for Junkrat :)

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