Playing Overwatch At 100 X 105 Resolution Is Not Recommended

Most of the time, PC gamers want their games to look the best. Here is an example of someone trying to make a game look the worst.

MinorVidsPC has taken Overwatch and got the resolution down to a minuscule 100 x 105. Throw in playing it on the lowest quality settings and you've got a game that is impossible to play, but strangely beautiful to behold. Like a moving puzzle game, where we're all squinting at the screen trying to work out what the hell is going on.

For scale, the Apple Watch has a screen resolution of 390 x 312.

The size of the mouse cursor is hilarious.


    Now if someone could get it running in black/green mono on an old IBM XT from a floppy disk drive then I'd be transported back to my school days...

    Reminds me of going to the optometrist. Is the picture clearer or worse.

    all filler, no killer

    Master racer be like "think of the frame rate tho!"

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