Please Don't Shoot The Dogs

Image: @viiolaceus

Look at those adorable puppies. Don't shoot them!

The gorgeous creatures are part of a new project from Chucklefish, the developer behind Starbound (and the publisher who picked up Stardew Valley). The game doesn't have a name as of yet, but the studio's CEO announced it was a mix between Fire Emblem and Advance Wars on PC, complete with online multiplayer.

Here's a new screenshot from the unnamed game:

Image: @tiyuri

Chucklefish have always been masters at sprite art, and the thought of them taking on Advance Wars would be pretty bloody tantalising. The game likely wouldn't be released for a few years, however, given that the studio is still supporting Starbound and "two new games".

Still, I'd be happy with just a singleplayer campaign in the vein of Advance Wars. Especially with those cute dogs. Look at them. Don't you just want to pat them?


    Don't you just want to pat them?To death!

    Don't tell me what to do. I'm going to boot up Nintendogs and overfeed the Corgi to death. Are you happy about that, Alex?

    Please be a thing. Been waiting too long for a new Advance Wars.

      Have you played Ancient Empires on Mobile? Really good Turn Based game and may quell your longing for another Advance Wars.

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