Please Remake Rick And Morty In Pixel Art

Image: Adult Swim/Paul Robertson

I don't know how much work it would take to do a full season like this, but I would totally rewatch the show if they did.

Paul Robertson and Adult Swim this morning have released a side of Rick and Morty you never see. And that's because it's the intro remade in 8-bit graphics. (Update: That's what Adult Swim say in the video description, although as @bort noted it's more akin to 16-bit or pixel art.)

Can you imagine a full game like this?

There's already Pocket Mortys. Now Adult Swim just needs to make an 8-bit side scrolling Rick and Morty shooter. Please. You know you want to.


    Fine, I'll be "that guy"; this isn't 8-bit. Not everything with pixel graphics is "8-bit". Stop using that term!

      That's fair. Adult Swim tagged the video as 8-bit and advertised it as such, although pixel art or retro style is probably more accurate.

    I will guaranteed put money down for any game, show, or project Paul Robertson is involved in. The man is amazing.

      I came here to say the exact same thing, I've lost count of the amount of time I've watched Kings of Power 4 Billion%

    No mention of the fact Paul Robertson is Victorian?

    I'm not surprised that there was no research here, but it's still disappointing that this could have been a much bigger story instead of a common repost.

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