PS4 Sizzle Reel Highlights Console Exclusives Coming In 2017

PS4 Sizzle Reel Highlights Console Exclusives Coming In 2017

This latest trailer shows off a number of games planned for release on the PS4 sometime in 2017, including Detroit: Become Human and Horizon: Zero Dawn, as well as some smaller ones you might not have heard much about like Drawn to Death. Oh, and also Knack 2.

That’s right. If we take Sony’s marketing at its word, the sequel to Mark Cerny’s PS4 launch title starring everyone’s favourite relic life-form should be here sometime this year, despite only having been revealed a few months ago during PSX 2016.

2017 is feeling like a better year already.


  • Some of those were in last year’s haha, like hellblade, Horizon and drawn to death. Damn Sony, pushing it a little bit? ;P

    One interesting thing though – no God of War. Given their penchant for pushing stuff that isn’t even necessarily going to be this year, that must definitely not be coming in 2017.

  • Very keen for Horizon & Crash, but I’ve only just received my PS4, so haven’t played Uncharted 4 or Knack as yet, so will need to finish those before being excited for the new ones.

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