Razer Is Getting Into Projectors Too

Image: Razer

Not content with green glowing laptop keyboards, mice, headsets and capture cards, Razer has announced they'll be making your room glow soon enough as well.

It's called Project Ariana, and it's basically a concept design for a projector that broadcasts effects and lighting from a game while you play. As the action unfolds on your screen, Project Ariana extends the gameplay - sort of - into the rest of the room through the same Chroma software behind Razer's peripherals.

The projector unit itself sports an ultra-wide fisheye lens, and features a pair of 3D cameras to help scan and calibrate the image to your living room. It's being displayed at Razer's CES booth this year, and the company also announced the technology was being co-opted by other manufacturers including Lenovo, Antec, Lian Li, NZXT, and more.

Images: Razer

It seems the kind of thing best done in a darkened room, which is exactly how my parents told me not to game when growing up. Still, it's intriguing that something that started out as RGB lighting for a mouse and keyboard can be branched out into this.


    Im on the fence about this.
    Wall projection over your monitor certainly creates a unique layered experience but I dont think this is anything I could get into.
    Now that mug holder on the otherhand... I wanna hear more about that! isnt listed on their product page but looks cool!

    I can't help but feel that this is some sort of joke.

    Why not just focus on VR. Seems like a better, cheaper path.

    I think they may be misleading on some of the specs about this machine. Epson who make extremely solid projectors (using two at home for gaming) still don't have a "full" 4K projector (Just 4K image enhancement techniques), nor do they have one that is as compact as that while capable of putting out that much light!

    I love "most" Razer products.. but there is just something completely off/false about this product. When one of the worlds best projector manufacturers cant pull this off, how does a new entrant?

    If it as bright at that screen size and full 4K though - ill eat my words and possibly buy one.

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