Resident Evil 7 USB Doll Finger Looks Like A Burnt Penis

If you're going to make a finger-shaped souvenir for a horror video game, you've really got to sell the body part — a well-defined nail area, proper coloration and the like. The more you obscure a fake finger prop with unnecessary details, the more it looks like a horrifying dick.

The key to one of the biggest mysteries in the Resident Evil 7 demo, the dummy finger item's in-game model already looked a lot like a slightly mangled penis with a few choice lacerations.

Image via Twinfinite.

But images of the USB souvenir handed out as a promotional item for Japan's Biohazard Ambassador program events (and included in the $US180 ($245) GameStop-exclusive collector's edition) recently posted on Twitter (via Daniel Feit) really drive the point home, so to speak. It looks like a burnt hot dog that's been left out in the rain overnight after a weekend barbecue.

Should the end-user make proper use of the collectible's joints, it takes on a much more finger-like appearance.

There we go. No one is going to mistake that for a flash-fried dick sticking out of your computer.

Resident Evil 7 launches on January 24 worldwide.


    Ah kids these days, they see anything that's longer than it is wide and BOOM its a dick!! When I first looked at it I saw charred finger.

    Hmm don't see a penis or a finger is there something wrong with me?

    Look at your hand, give a thumbs up but ignore everything except your thumb - boom penis!

    If you think that looks like a burnt Penis you need to see a doctor about yours.

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