RIP Miiverse

RIP Miiverse

Miiverse, Nintendo’s special social network that debuted on the Wii U, will not becoming back for the Switch, VentureBeat reports. I’m heartbroken. Miiverse was genuinely my favourite thing about the Wii U, and I was really hoping Nintendo might revamp it for the Switch.

Alas. Miiverse was too good for this world; always making us cry, laugh or wince with all of its player-created illustrations and silly comments. Here’s a look back at some of our favourite Miiverse moments.

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It Sounds Like Nintendo Wants to Make A Gamer’s Version of Facebook



  • Eh, they killed it ages ago imo. It was great at the start, all the games would encourage you to use it and I was jumping on to check what my friends were posting all the time. But then the games stopped doing that, and they “fixed” the format of the thing so it was much harder to check through and see what everyone was doing, along with littering your feed with “trending” posts or some shit. And so I never bothered with it any more unless I wanted to capture a screenshot.

    RIP Miiverse. You were already dead.

  • Never even used Miiverse, don’t even care about Mii’s. To me the best thing about the Wii U is the games.

  • Far better to have the Miiverse community within Facebook and instant increase the people who use it 100 fold than revamp Miiverse.
    It’s already possible to post pictures and video to Facebook and Twitter and then share them with everyone.

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