RIP Xbox One Snap Mode

Snap Mode, that gimmick on the Xbox One that let you "snap" something else onto the side of your screen while you were watching a movie or playing a game, is no more. Microsoft is ditching the feature to make the console's dash run faster.

The Xbox One's dash has always been a tad sluggish in parts, so few people are going to miss it if they're getting faster response times elsewhere.

Snap will be removed as part of an Xbox One update that will be rolling out in a few months' time, and which is also bringing stuff like an interesting new "copilot" mode.


    Not enough. They need to get rid of all other resource hogs that make it the system slower and makes games more difficult to get going.
    Slowest and most convoluted OS ever, makes Vista seem brilliant.

      You make it sound like the system doesn't work. How are the games difficult to get going? I hit the tile and they either pick up where I left them or load for a few seconds.

      The first thing I noticed after using a PS4 was how busy the Xbox One interface was. It can certainly do with a clean up.

        I recently picked up a PS4 Pro and found exactly the same thing.

    Thank god. Did anyone ever actually make use of this useless 'feature'? I only even brought it up by accident, then struggled to get rid of it. While they're at it, how about they fix the way you join a party, and connect with friends' games on the Xbone? It's so annoyingly difficult, the 360 was so far ahead of the Xbone in this regard.

    Dam grinding those achievements like getting 100k nuka cade tickets will be even more grindy without being able to snap youtube to the side.

    Anything to make that heinously slow dash more responsive.

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