Roblox Gets Into The Toy Business

Roblox Gets Into The Toy Business

After more than a decade of online creative play, massively multiplayer online game Roblox is expanding its user-created content into the real world, partnering with Jazwares for a line of collectible and customisable toys hitting stores in February.

Boasting more than 40 million monthly players in December alone, imagination-powered online community Roblox is at the top of its game these days. I haven’t dabbled myself, but after watching my 10-year-old nephew spend Christmas Eve doing… something entertaining with a canon… on the Xbox One version of Roblox (which is unfortunately unavailable in Australia), I at least understand some of the appeal. Players get to create their own characters, program their own games, build their own objects and make money selling their wares. It’s sort of like a Second Life for the younger set.

Roblox Gets Into The Toy Business

The toys, launching at retail next month, reflect the creativity and community spirit of the game. All figures in Jazwares’ line feature mix-and-match parts, with many of the designs taken directly from those created by popular Roblox players. Each package will also include codes for special in-game loot, and the kids love their in-game loot.

Via official announcement, Roblox’s CEO and co-founder David Baszucki said, “Over the past 10 years, we have helped power the imagination of over 44 million Roblox fans across the globe. There’s never been a better time to expand the Roblox brand with new product lines and experiences that will continue inspiring generations of creators. In partnership with Jazwares, we’ll be providing our very first offline touchpoint to allow fans to interact with Roblox beyond the screen.”

And now I know what to get my nephew for his birthday. Oh wait, that’s in January. Never mind, he’s out of luck. He’ll probably be too busy with Roblox to even notice.

The Series 1 collection of Roblox toys will be available at retail in the US next month. Australian availability has not yet been confirmed.


  • Xbox One version of Roblox (which is unfortunately unavailable in Australia)
    1: Change the xbox region to US.
    2: Download Roblox from the US store.
    3: Change the region back to Australia.
    4: Play Roblox.
    5: Uninstall Roblox and go back to Doom.

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