Ron Gilbert, Mark Would Be Proud Of You

Ron Gilbert, Mark Would Be Proud Of You

Justice has been served.

In a post on the official Thimbleweed Park blog, Monkey Island creator and professional pot stirrer Ron Gilbert announced that he would be adding an option to his upcoming adventure game.

Following a not particularly surprising response online, Thimbleweed Park will now ship with an option to have toilet rolls the way they should be: over.

“Bombarded with an unprecedented number of consumer complaints, the developers of the upcoming Thimbleweed Park video game have buckled under the pressure and added an ‘over’ option for Thimbleweek Park’s numerous toilet paper holders,” the post says.

“Players will be able to switch between ‘under’ and ‘over’ using a toggle function in the game menu. When approached for comment, Ron ‘@GrumpyGamer’ Gilbert went on record saying: ‘*beep* Thimbleweed Park, I can’t wait for this game to be finished’.”

In case it’s not obvious, the studio has been having a good laugh with the over-under controversy:

Well played, Mr Gilbert. Mark Serrels would be proud of you.


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