Image: Kotaku

Congratulations Ashigaru! He finally broke yesterday's game: it was Battlefield 1942. The scribbles were taken from the radio commands at the very top of the UI, where you hit the function keys to issue commands or respond to teammates/the AI.

Well done, mate. But it's a new day, and time for a new scribble.

Good luck! And don't forget, you can email in if you'd like to have people guess your scribbles.


    i know it's not this game, but there's a Hammering Harry! Let's get busy!

    Call of Duty: WaW?

    Looks like the carpenter powerup from zombies

    Hard Hat Mack


      I was going to say this but chose Sims 3 at the last minute

        Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not Constructor but what the hey. It was a fun game!

    Anticipation! The fun family game on NES

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