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Bit of a delayed ScribbleTaku today, so my bad on that. But hopefully this will be reminiscent enough a game to make up for it.

Friday's drawing, incidentally, was Earthbound. Rarestofheroes picked it up after about 15 minutes, so well done.

As for today's game: good luck!



      Possibly on the sega mastersystem

        The only time I played was on an old IBM machine but the graphics were as close as they could get at the time.

        Always got a kick when one landed on the Go To Jail square. After clicking the button to clear the notification prompt, a patty wagon drove around the board, collected the player and deposited the player in the jail, :)

        Regardless, it looks identical to the square used on the physical board and I saw that symbol again last year with the Mc Match and Win (why that is still running besides harassment I'll never know).

    One of the Mafia Games :) lol

      Not likely. No holes in the vehicle and no body being thrown over into the dam.


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    It's a Morris Minor on stilts. Possibly a custom model from Meet the Feebles.

    Leisure Suit Larry 1

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    Kind of look slike the car from that old duck tales game or was it a scrooge mcduck game

    who framed roger rabbit

    Timesplitters 2 (I think). The gangster level where you had to shoot their barrels of booze.

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