So, there wasn't a ScribbleTaku yesterday. That's because I inadvertently got my fingers wedged in a car window, but I'm alright now. Monday's drawing, incidentally, was the fairy ocarina from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We hadn't had a Zelda scribble for a while, and with all the Nintendo Switch stuff it just made sense.

Anyway, new game. Let's go.

To help out a little: this is a classic game. Don't go guessing anything after 2010. (I'm giving this hint only because I know it would be way too vague otherwise, but I'm hoping the general shape will lead people in the right direction.)

Good luck!


    To sort of quote the Hound, stuff the 'taku, more on the fingers getting stuck in window please? How? I really mean how?? :) Can you draw that for us?
    I'm sorry for getting enjoyment from your predicament, but that is pretty funny.....

      Yes, I am also intrigued by the car window story...

      Yeah, I really want to know why closing the door was being done using the window frame instead of the door handle...

    Prince of Persia

    Darkest Dungeon

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