So nobody picked up the super secret cryptic hint from last week. It was Phantasy Star Online on the original Xbox, which was probably a bit of a stretch now that I think about it.

But no matter. New week, new game, new opportunity to make amends. Let's go.

Good luck!


    Ghosts n goblins?

      That's was my first thought too! Reminds me of that map screen that shows up before each level!

    wait.... people played Fantasy Star Online... Not on a Dreamcast??? heathens!!!!

      I played it on Gamecube :P. I think the "Xbox" clue actually threw me off getting the solution; it was on the tip of my head until then.

        Yep. This. Saw the post with the second drawing, thought "That's PSO!", but then got thrown by the Xbox clue, because it made me focus on Xbox only titles, not a game that started on the Dreamcast, then got ported to Xbox and Gamecube with more content, and THEN to PC with even more content. Misleading clue is misleading. =P

    It's a two by three Lego block that's been blow-torched.

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