Snow Makes Kyoto Even More Beautiful

Kyoto is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It's been even more lovely this week thanks to a few days worth of snow.

[Image: okeihan_net]

Via Twitter, here is a collection of lovely winter wonderland Kyoto photos:


    Looks a lot better than the sweat pit that is Brisbane.....

      I'd kill to be there rather than Brisbane right now. The pain.

    That title picture is a horrible bland mess. I'm sure it was lovely in person but the picture is just a brown stain with a red splash of colour and a very white roof. Many of the other pictures are a whole lot nicer.

    I was in Kyoto about 4 days before this all happened :(

    It was lovely, and beautiful, and damned cold, but that snowfall would have been amaaaaaaazing!

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