Someone's Turning Elite: Dangerous Into A Tabletop RPG

Image: Elite Dangerous

If you're looking for a bit more excitement from Frontier's space odyssey, here's an idea: turn it into an RPG.

That's what Spidermind Games is looking to do, with the company almost halfway to their €45,000 funding goal for Elite Dangerous: Role Playing Game. It's a pretty straightforward pitch: the campaign is looking to fund the creation of a core manual and supplements for people to make a tabletop RPG session out of Elite's setting.

"Not only do the two platforms merge seamlessly together but in the case of Elite: Dangerous it has adopted as one of its core principles the idea of the ‘sandbox’ approach to play," the Kickstarter campaign argues. "This concept of forging your own path, choosing your own destiny is the foundation on which most role playing games are based and is the key to their success."

If you want to see how some of the game plays out, the Critical Twits YouTube channel has a video showing off some ship combat and how the game flows.

The game has the full support of the Elite: Dangerous developers, some of which (including ED's executive producer Michael Brookes) will contribute to the tabletop RPG if certain stretch goals are met. You can read more about that on the Kickstarter page, or through an interview with producer Jon Lunn on YouTube.


    Someone already turned Star Citizen into a Ponzi scheme.

      I don't get the hate, its still a better "experience" than most games could ever hope to be.

      Champagne Comedy! Regardless of people's feelings about Star Citizen, that comment is frickin' hilarious.

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