Square Enix Europe's Twitter Account Was Hacked

Today, it appears Square Enix Europe found itself the victim of a Twitter hack.

The account's bio was changed to #cyberwolfgang, and it began tweeting out messages such as this: 

Just Cause's official account was also hacked, it seems.

Which is, of course, published by Square Enix.

After tweeting for nearly 30 minutes, the Square Enix Europe Twitter account was apparently locked. That's according to the hacked Just Cause account:

Kotaku reached out to Square Enix for comment, but did not hear back prior to publication.


    Look how childish those tweets were. Just reinforces my view of hackers.

      But calling them hackers is like calling a canoe a submarine.

    Man if you're going to hack a social media account with that much followers at least make your post interesting or funny...

      Or announce a new game, let alone cancel the european release of another hehe.

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