Star Citizen To Get Aussie Servers In Upcoming 2.6.2 Patch

Image: Roberts Space Industries

When a new, online triple-A title is announced, the first question on the lips of Aussie gamers is: Will there be local servers? Previously, the answer was often "no", but these days many studios and publishers have picked up their hosting game. Now Star Citizen will appease Australasian players, once it finishes its move to Amazon's backbone.

In a newsletter to players, Chris Roberts talks about the developer's "goals" for Star Citizen's 2.6.1 update:

The features in this patch will not only improve the game’s performance and deliver some of the features that were originally planned for 2.6 like the in-game leader boards, message ordering and our new serialized variable system, but also address some of the balance issues now that 2.6 has been in your hands for almost a month.

OK, that's cool. But its what Robert Space Industries is cooking up for 2.6.2 that will really appeal to local players:

We are also planning on one more small incremental patch, 2.6.2 that will include the MegaMap feature, which allows Players to seamlessly connect to different multiplayer matches or jump into a single player game mode without having to load a level every time. As well as introduce multi region game servers. This was one of our stretch goals and with the move to Amazon's AWS we are now able to move forward with it which I know will make people in Europe and Australasia happy as 200ms+ pings aren't fun!

No date is mentioned for 2.6.2, however, going by the schedule for 2.6.1, which is slated for a mid-February release, you may be waiting until March or even April for this change.

Still, it's nice to know the transition is happening!

Star Citizen Newsletter — 2.6.1 Schedule [Star Citizen]


    Nice timing. I'm updating SC as I write this - haven't looked at it for a few months and figure it's time to see what's new.

      I've been looking at it today for the first time in six months. It still looks a long, long, long way from anything like a finished game sadly.

    I was an early backer and this is great news. Star Marine is almost unplayable for Aussies at the moment.

    Actually I think you'll find the servers are going to be in Singapore or Malaysia...

      Actually, I believe the servers will be in Sydney, as CIG is now using AWS as part of the engine switch to Lumberyard. Seems kinda stupid to have server leverage in Aussie but only set up to use Singapore or Malaysia

        Maybe. I'm just going off comments I read on the forums where Aussies were complaining that Australia was like the third-biggest backer country by funds raised and the servers were only in Singapore. Whether this development is as a result of those complaints or vice versa I'm not 100% sure.

          A bit of both. In the original campaign that was one of the driving factors to regional servers being added as a stretch goal with Australia specifically being mentioned at the time. So the complaints have been "hey, we've still been spending big but where's our regional servers?"

          Now that they've switched to AWS / Lumberyard (which is a good thing, IMO) they can switch to regional servers earlier than expected rather than having to set up their own which was going to be the original way of doing it.

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