Sunday Comics: Go On, Drink It

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Nerf NOW!! by Josué Pereira. Published December 30. Read more of Nerf NOW!!

Awkward Zombie by Katie Tiedrich. Published December 19. Read more of Awkward Zombie

Penny Arcade by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. Published December 31. Read more of Penny Arcade

The GaMERCaT by Samantha Whitten. Published December 26. Read more of The GaMERCaT.

Nerd Rage by Andy Kluthe. Published December 30. Read more of Nerd Rage

Corpse Run by Alex Di Stasi. Published December 29. Read more of Corpse Run

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things by Kelly Turnbull. Published December 26. Read more of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

Life in Aggro by Fei Hsiao and Cecilia Vasquez. Published January 1. Read more of Life in Aggro

Double XP by M.S. Corley and Josh Crandall. Published December 29. Read more of Double XP


    Life in Aggro can only make me roll my eyes.

      I am assuming it's complaining about people being able to buy a max level boost in final fantasy online?

      Which is an odd thing to complain about because every MMO does it because let's face it, when it wasn't a service you could officially buy, the black market gold sellers would do it, and not everyone wants to grind a toon to max level a second time.

      Regardless, none of the comics are ever funny.

        Pretty much that, yeah. It also kinda shows they didn't really read anything Yoshi-P said in regards to the Boost/Skip potions.

        Yes, it will boost your level, but it's not boosting you to maximum level. You still need to level it from either 50 or 60 to level 70 (Stormblood's new level cap). I presume that most of the money that will go towards the boost will also be coming from people playing on alts, or newbies wanting to do content with their friends.

        I just find it silly that people focus ONLY on the bad (and oh boy, do they hammer down on the bad) and disregard the good.

    The PA Reddit panel is amazingly accurate; they got the usual troll pun right.

      Pun? I missed it.

        "Seeing a lot of hate" about eye-ball eating... there'd be plenty of edge-lords thinking they're hilarious for that joke.

    Man, that Double XP is just painfully accurate.

    Also, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things taught me something about Welsh holiday traditions.
    Guys, the Welsh are weird.

    Last edited 03/01/17 5:52 pm

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