Super Mario Odyssey’s Real Humans Are Weird And Bad

Super Mario Odyssey’s Real Humans Are Weird And Bad

Super Mario Odyssey has Mario jumping into an actual city, which is populated by humans. One problem: The humans are proportioned realistically, and Mario is not. It’s the most jarring and upsetting detail about yesterday’s Switch event.

Really, everything about that portion of the Super Mario Odyssey reveal was kinda weird. First off, did you notice that it’s called NEW DONK CITY?


OK, then. I guess it’s a Donkey Kong reference, as some readers are pointing out there’s also a few DKC-related streets.

It gets weirder. Why is everyone dressed as if they were in a 1950’s suit? Why does this level remind me of those shitty “Mario in Unity” videos, where Mario looks totally out of place and uncanny? And more importantly: What the hell is going on with the size difference?


Like… is Mario not human? His features don’t quite match up with the harsher faces of the humans; he’s way more cartoony. If Mario isn’t human… what is he?

I can’t deal with this shit, Nintendo. Look what you’ve done. It’s too much. Everyone has noticed:

I’m sure the game will be plenty of fun, but man. Talk about an unexpected and funny existential crisis hidden in the middle of a console reveal.


  • The Simpsons one is the first thing I thought of… incredible how that show has pervaded society to the point that it has.

  • My first thought was Sonic Adventure. Pointed it out to a friend “Hey, it’s a new Sonic game” only for Mario to then do a forward roll and roll down a hill.

  • If the whole game was set in their world, I’d agree that it’s a terrible design choice.

    But considering the game is Mario visiting completely different worlds, I think it will work.

  • Although I completely agree, and I was like “WTF? Mario’s not actually human??”
    I know that if there is a single company that you can trust to deliver the BEST games, it’s the Tokyo Mario team. So even though I’m totally weirded out by New Donk City, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and see how it turns out…

  • The Homer Simpson image is right on the money but the author doesn’t seem to understand why? Mario is clearly in a different world (ours?), not the one he is originally from.

  • Maybe if he picks up a mushroom he becomes realistally proportioned. Now that would be hilariously wrong.

    As it is, it doesn’t look that jarring to me for some reason. Maybe because I watched movies like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam so many times when I was younger and am used to the weird contrast of cartoon mascots starring next to proportional humans.

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