Super Mario Run Won't Be Out On Android Until March

Nintendo just announced that Super Mario Run, a game which has been out on iOS devices for over a month, will not be out on Android until March.

I am aware of the difficulties of developing for Android vs iOS, what with all the different specs and screen sizes. I am also aware that Apple was very interested in promoting the game exclusively over the holiday period, with demos in Apple stores, etc. But still. Come on guys.

Any Android users wanting to be kept informed of the actual release, you can register for updates on the game's Google Play Store listing. On the plus side, at least the new Fire Emblem mobile game is coming to Android and iOS on the same day.


    You say that "the new Fire Emblem mobile game is coming to Android and iOS on the same day", but the article you link to states that Fire Emblem is "Arriving on Android on February 2 and later on iOS".

    I saw people playing super mario run over the x-mas break and figured "I'll give it a shot" only to find it is for IOS only. I then thought....
    Usually console exclusives are there to entice the consumer to preference one device over another.
    eg. I'll pick PS4 over X-Box or Wii so I can play a cool game earlier, or I'll also by a second console as it is cheap enough and I really like zelda/halo/metal gear games.

    I can't see how that works for a phone, there is no way I'd ever shell out for a new device on a separate OS whereby all my contacts, calendars, email and more is affected, never mind the contracts you'd have to cancel and ongoing phone service costs.
    So at what point does Nintendo have any advantage for profit by releasing a title on a device that is roughly 30% of the market share? Instead of releasing it across multiple platforms for 100%, considering that less than 0.0001% of users would pick up a iPhone specifically because of super mario run?

    For statistics, Apple would have paid Nintendo a good sum of money for the 6 month advantage. I wonder if they'll ultimately loose profit due to waning interest in the title over such a long period. Being such a repetitive-shot-burst title I got my kicks from it by playing it on a friends phone. Unless there is a new offering to the gameplay, is there enough incentive for android users to pick up an old mobile title?

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