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    Ugh... too much downtime today...
    It'd be better if there was some cricket on... Bloody Sydney.

    2TB SSHD acquired! Planning to install it over the weekend, and reinstall WD2 with the 2 weeks of unused quota I have this month.

    Also ran through the D3 Anniversary dungeon, which was cool - loved the mob density in some of those areas, especially the penultimate level. Then did it again on with a fresh witch doctor to get the Butcher pet - used a gem of ease-socketed ancient 2h-axe to just rush through it - made it to Diablo, who got one-shot by one of my dogs as soon as he landed. :P

      Read that as 2TB SSD and was all "FUCK YEAH!" then I re-read it and wasn't as enthusiastic lol.

        I was more concerned about storage space than load times, given Destiny requires about 55GB free before it will even let you update it, for whatever reason. Wanted 2TB minimum to future-proof a bit, which essentially ruled out pure SSDs because of the expense. Tho FFXV's load times have made me start questioning that decision... :P

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          I'm getting a 1TB SSD as a D drive for the next PC, because why not :P

    Overwatch peeps! What do you all think of the PTR changes? Link below for reference.

      Sigh. My 3 mains all got nerfed.

      So to summarize:


        Oh no :(

        I think Ana definitely needed it. D.Va probably did too, although it remains to be seen whether it was too much or not. Road's hook need to be fixed but I think the Line of Sight breaking thing might have been too much.

        I am looking forward to the triple tank meta being broken though!

      Seems fair. Apart from the lack of a Symmetra nerf.

        Not sure if she needs it yet. I think the main reason she has been such a problem is because McCree isn't being played. My friends and I had been struggling with her but I played a couple games as McCree the other day and just constantly flashed and fanned the hammer or a couple of headshots and she was dead. The enemy teams ended up switching off of her because she couldn't do anything.

          Imo she'd be less of a problem if there was a cooldown on jumps so you couldn't just constantly bounce all over the place. Even if it was just one second.

          But yeah I'm pretty crappy with McCree so I'm certainly not going to be helping things at all if I tried :P

            Yeah I see what you mean, not sure if I agree about implementing something like that for jumps though. I wouldn't want to reduce mobility in such a fast paced game.

            McCree is my bae. Only 30 points or so from a golden weapon and will be getting his <3 who do you play mainly?

              Whoever gets rolled up when the character select screen appears :P

                Haha nice :P wet your feet in competitive much?

                  Completely dry!

                  I forgot the other modes were a thing. I was running through dedicating a night of play to my least played character til I'd gone through the whole roster, to try and get a grip on all of them more than I'd managed from my initial playing. Then found out about the extra loot boxes you can get for wins in arcade mode so jumped in there while the winter boxes were going. And now both of those are over I'm back to just doing random stuff to see how I go. Guess I should check out competitive, but I've got no clue who I should use for that.

                  @mrtaco Reaper is reasonable, and will make a comeback if the changes to D.Va make it to the live version. He excels on KOTH maps. All of Lijiang Tower, all of Nepal and all of Ilios except for Ruins (he can be used here but the larger line of sight usually makes a Soldier or McCree a better pick, unless the enemy team has a Winston.).

                  I would just jump into it and have some fun if I were you. I am generally on at some point over the weekend and I play every Mon/Wed night from 6PM-9PM WST if you want someone to play with. My battletag is Vex#11983

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                Won't let me reply to your other comment. Competitive is a lot more fun to be honest, provided you don't get obsessed over your SR.

                In terms of who to play, knowing the whole roster is a really good start because then you can just fill. At the moment the meta is 3 tanks, ana, another healer and soldier, so picking something in that you can't really go wrong. That will hopefully be broken up soon to give a bit more diversity and then just playing whatever the team needs.

                  Actually from the looks of things it seems Reaper might be my best character. At least he has the highest win rate. I feel like I do fairly well with Zarya too, though that depends a lot on my team mates and whether they stick around or just disappear.

      I'm useless as Ana anyway., I would like something done, but not sure what. I find she can be too easy to kill for a tank. She's no where near as good as Rein or Hog

        Her shield makes her pretty good for front line defence of your group though. Especially if you can manage to gobble up ults like Hanzo's, Pharah's or Roadhog's with it. Also everything Junkrat has to throw at you.

    Happy 2017, TAY!
    Failed to accomplish planned house maintenance, succeeded in playing plenty of Assassins Creed Syndicate (or, as I call it when I forget "Syndicate" - "London Stabby"), and did my open water scuba - which was super awesome.

      I've only done one of the 'dodgy' open water scuba things when overseas and it was cool.
      The kind where they chuck you in a pool of 30 minutes and then take out out diving

    PS4 backup time: 8 hours. HDD install time: 5 minutes. OS install time: 5-10 minutes. Restore time: 90 minutes before it fails. Boo.

    Oh well, I'll just make do. Looks like the only loss (VoG memories aside, tho I'm pretty sure I backed them up somewhere earlier) was a night of Diablo3 farming, which was easily solved by reacquiring my Helltooth set... tho I can't seem to get the gloves to drop...

      Oh, and also played through The Last Guardian over the weekend. ;_;

        That's easily fixed. Play the game.




    Spent 30 minutes on the phone to get a human at Umart today, eventually got somewhere, all to be told "yeah those CPU's are fast moving stock, we won't be getting any until the 16th, we can offer you a 7600k for the same price IF your motherboard supports it." Which I wanted to do until I saw that Gigabyte require you to have either a CPU or RAM present in the motherboard preferably both though, to flash the bios to the latest one supporting Kaby Lake. I've never flashed a bios & I don't feel comfortable doing that on such an expensive motherboard.

    In the end I just asked for a refund which they were more than happy to do, and were sorry they couldn't fullfill my order. It's funny a lot of my friends have had awful experience with Umart, me i've had nothing but pleasure with them. Last motherboard I bought arrived broken, they let me switch it out for another more expensive model.

    So I ended up ordering the same parts from PC Case Gear, had to pay $24 more than Umart but ah well. Now here's hoping they'll arrive by Friday. They say 2-5 days via Star Track, so fingers crossed!

      What was the price difference between your CPU and the 7600k? Might've been worth just taking your motherboard to a PC store and asking them to flash the bios for you.

      If it seems like I know what 'flashing the bios' means... I don't. I assume it's a sex term?

      Last edited 11/01/17 9:26 am

        $10-20 depending where you get one. But it's kind of pointless of pairing one with a Z170 motherboard, since i'd miss out on the features like the extra PCI-E lanes that are available etc.. It's a straight forward process of flashing the bios, but apparently Gigabyte need a CPU that currently works with the board installed, so eh.

        Also I don't actually have any local computer stores any more which is kinda sad.

      Bit late to the party, but Gigabyte high-end boards have dual-bios. You can flash one. If it works, boot from that one... :)

      That doesn't help you with the chicken/egg of needed a non-Kaby Lake CPU in there to flash it to KL but just so you know, it's a pretty stress-free affair flashing a bios these days.

        Oh that's right.. Yeah, I should've checked that. Well I do have a Skylake CPU, it's in my HTPC/NAS, but that thing is a pain to take apart. I'm thinking of putting it in a new case, this one whilst awesome is just too small really. That'll teach me for getting one of the smallest & awkward ITX cases lol.

        Also I don't see the point of a Kaby Lake CPU in a Z170 motherboard when I'd want to utilise the 24 PCI-E lanes & other neato stuff that comes with the incremental upgrade & for that you need a Z270 board. Like that motherboards will have 2 or even 3 M.2 slots, which is sweet. More M.2 the better I say!

          X58 FTW.

          *pulls PC out from under Triceratops*

            Fuck yeah! X58 is only what, 8 years old? :P I was looking at picking up some 1366 socket hardware a few years back for fun, but it was hard to find D=

              I'm running a 980X, 24GB DDR3, 2 x 120GB V-series SSDs (series 1) in RAID 0, 2TB of spinnies and...

              ...a GTX 1080.

              With a 3440x1440 Asus monitor.

              It's fine. Especially in winter when the house is toasty but only when the computer is on.

                Nice. Would still pretty well in modern games!

    I hate dealing with external applications
    I hate integration
    The only thing more fun is when there is a 3rd party between you and the other application supplier

    Super fun day

    Anyone else playing D3 on PS4? Been having a blast gearing my WD (hit a 13 billion crit last night, and discovered the stupid fun of the Manajuma's set with Hex + Angry Chicken :D) but have noticed some weird performance issues in Grifts...

    It feels like D3's PC launch-era network latency, tho nowhere near as frequent - occasional rubberbanding (like once or twice per night), corpses continuing to take damage ticks for a good 5s after they die (happens maybe once every GR, which is nice for continuing a massacre bonus between packs, I guess)...

    Not sure if Blizz added some stealth netcode to prepare for adding seasons later in the year, or if it's the 1.15 patch's PS4 Pro features screwing with the performance under load on the old system, or if its the new HDD...

      Thinking about it. Will you (metaphorically) hold my hand?

        Sure, if you like. It does take a bit of time to finish the campaign to unlock Adventure mode and rifts, where I find half of the replayability; and gear sets (which are the other half) don't drop until level cap (70) and I think only in Torment difficulties. That said, it's quite a bit of fun to build around any legendaries you find, or alternatively I have a bunch of gear I'm not using (and not a lot of spare space :P) I could give you to get you started in T3 or higher... or not; up to you.

        I think it's something like $30 on PSN atm, if their promo's still running, but yea... only if you want to, and know that it can be a very slow start (tho there are ways around that - I've raced "level up" notifications to 70 a couple of times in coop with a couple of Gems of Ease :P).

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    So Silverstone have gone full retard with RGB. They debuted RGB fan grills at CES.

    @alexwalker did you get to drop by the Silverstone suite & see any of their things? Linus' video "5 products no one asked for" which cnetred around Silverstone was rather amusing. I like what he showed off from them though.

      No, I didn't get to see their suite at all; I only just got to do a full lap of the 10,000+ booths on the show floor. Hoping to see more at Computex this year though, if I get to go again. (And Silverstone will be there for sure.)

      I used to like Silverstone because they actually had shit that was elegant and not festooned with flashing multi-colored lights for 'gamers'.

        Yeah. They used to have some rather elegant cases. They showed off one new case at CES, which was a new take on the Sugo series, vertical motherboard & GPU with windows. Looked more like it belonged in the Fortress line up imo. But one of the first cases in 4 or 5 years from them I liked.

        I don't mind the use of lighting in cases, but at the same time it's not something I overly care about. If I every do a watercooling build i'll use lighting cause that seems logical, otherwise meh.

    I've taken my Rift around to friends' places for demo nights three times over the past week. Almost getting not terrible at them :P Had a small disaster before the last one though, tried a fix for a tracking bug which just made things worse, and did something dumb during the repair install that lost me half my games so had to leave the PC running for a couple of days to download everything again since my backup hadn't been updated since before I got Touch. Oops.

    Started getting back into Splatoon, since someone's holding a tournament next weekend so I figured I may as well actually play the game instead of just turning it on to check for gear every day. WHERE ARE YOU FUGU TEE? Also finally got back into Elite again, I am reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally rusty though. Which totally doesn't help in trying to get a grip on my twinstick setup. Probably better with just a single, but twin is fun.

    So, how's about them pollie perks, eh?


      Utter pisstaking. When held up against the cuts to services and the complete douchebaggery over the Centrelink letters (with AFP letterhead, WTF?!?), it's disgraceful. When considering it against the offshore non-processing and interment camps, the inability to just pass marriage equality, the reversal of action on climate... etc etc. Gah. It's disgusting.

      And I just remembered the jobs several ex-ministers have gone on to. While collecting a pension. Double dipping? Only if you're not a politician.


        I see a lot of commentary about parliamentary pensions, and some of them can certainly be a bit obscene. The more important pollies salaries, here and across the developed world, don't reflect the importance of their jobs though - especially when compared with the wage growth among private sector executives in the last 25 years. Their entitlements and pension go a long way toward bridging that difference though. Unfortunately, entitlements and pension or not, we're not being blessed with particularly competent representatives.
        Centrelink though, are running an invoice scam. That it wasn't immediately stopped when the problems were identified amounts to malfeasance, from those in charge.

          Is it worth comparing with private sector execs? Executive wage growth vs. general wage growth has been anomalous and well beyond absurdity. Apart from bridging that particular gap, there's not much sense to it.
          Tricky game comparing public to private when the motivations, expectations, and standards are entirely different.

            Is that the motivations, expectations and standards being entirely different part of the problem? Maybe I'm way off-base, but I feel like there are plenty of parallels between corporate management and public governance, and we see bureaucrats and elected officials continually screw up things that are routinely achievable by the private sector.
            Wage growth of executives has certainly been absurd, but companies have shown time and again that they're willing to pay overs to hire a successful senior executive from another company. There's clearly value to be placed in high performing executives.

      Not to specifically bag the government, as much as I enjoy doing so, it's worth acknowledging that some of the pollies sounding off about this are among the worst offenders, on both sides of the aisle.
      The "penalty" of repaying "incorrectly" (or, "fraudulently") claimed entitlements with interest isn't a penalty at all - it's simply a correction. It's time to grant amnesty for all past entitlements, create a politically independent review board, tighten up the guidelines and then remove from office anyone who breaches them.
      If I, or anyone else in private employment, were to organise an interstate trip, organise a relatively unimportant meeting and make a significant personal purchase or investment, then try and claim all my expenses, I'd be lucky to survive with a severe dressing down.
      Or, footy grand finals! Jesus! PM (or deputy), Leader of the Opposition, Minister (and Shadow Minister) for Sport, perhaps, as representatives of the government, could claim it as a work function. Anyone else is there primarily to schmooze as members of their respective parties, and as personal entertainment - and if the parties want to pay for that, then go for it - but it can't come out of parliamentary entitlements.
      Unfortunate that they're called entitlements though, isn't it? I reckon Joe Hockey would be persona non grata around Canberra at the moment.

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        They've been looking into it since last year. In other words, dragging their feet to get more perks =(

      It's a belated Christmas present, or something special to ring in the New Year; waking up every morning to the news that some dumb bugger has over extended themselves with the cookie jar.

      Ideally we'd end up with independent review of parliamentary expenditure, an anti-corruption body a la ICAC, and clarification of terms that precludes this behaviour in the future. But given the foxes are in charge of hen house security measures, we might - at best - see a lone minister step down and the remainder will offer a meek apology for "not living up to the standards we expect of ourselves".

      Like others it's absolutely infuriating. The Coalition has Bronnie and Labor (at the time) had Slipper who not only got his perks but also continued to collect the wage of a speaker despite standing down.

      And here's people like me who do the modest thing and even leave deductions out of my own tax return to ensure I'm only covering whole business expenses and not only partial business expenses.

      And the irony, it's starting to worry my accountant. Just last time he could not believe I had no stationary expenses despite me explaining I bought in bulk the prior year thus didn't need to.

      When I nip out for supplies I also do some personal shopping so that rules out claiming travel.

      All it takes is one little mistake and sole-traders like me are merciless audited.

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        I sounds like crap, because it is. I'm sorry that you have to be so cautious.

    So CES 2017. Some cool stuff, some stuff not so interesting. Was hoping to see more cool & affordable computer cases that challenge the market, rather than MORE tempered glass & RGB LED integration.

    The Deepcool Quadstellar case was pretty neat I will admit. Way out of my pricing though. The SG14 from Silverstone looks promising, looks & feels more like it belong on Fortress name of their cases though.

    Hopefully more stuff will filter out in the coming days from the likes of Linus (LinusTechTips), Jay (JayzTwoCents), Paul (Paul's Hardware) & Kyle (BitWit)

    Been playing through Mass Effect 3 and grabbed all the DLC for last year's christmas. The DLCs are pretty fun, though at times frustrating in certain sections.
    This Shep is an Engineer, uses a pistol, SMG and Sniper rifle only, yet in cutscenes he always somehow has the default assault rifle :P

      I told you, it's magic. Gun magic

        I prefer him using the sniper rifle his girlfriend got for him rather than a shitty assault rifle, and it has the same fire rate except it's 10x better.
        It just keeps pulling me out of the immersion when that happens, that and the random crashes

          No no, it's the same gun, it just looks different in cutscenes!
          Nothing I can explain away abou t the crashes though, sorry.

    Figured I might as well check my ISP to see if NBN is ever going to happen
    Your address is expected to have NBN available from TOMORROW

    That was interesting. Might need to check it out. Is it locked to particular providers or what? I haven't done ISP research for a long time

      @welbot who did you go with?

      Last edited 12/01/17 2:12 pm

          What are they like? I'm thinking of ditching iiNet as it's not even a shell of what it used to be.

            Not sure yet. Still waiting for installation.
            First impressions were not real favourable, as I sat on hold for like 20 mins before I spoke to someone when I first called, but perhaps they were really busy. More time will be needed to judge that. On the positive side, they have a 100% Australian support team, so you don't get put through to someone in the Philippines who barely understands you. I see that as a massive advantage, and depending on how long I need to wait to speak to someone if I require support, I could even forgive longer than average wait times for that. Obviously, if I have to wait like an hour to speak to someone every time I call, I'm not gonna be real happy, but with any luck, I won't need to. It will be good knowing that at least they will understand me, and I will be able to understand them though :)
            After the signup, they've been as efficient as I would expect so far. The modem was mailed to me in a reasonable time frame, and now I'm only waiting for the tech to call to arrange installation of the line. As stated elsewhere, I believe this is done by NBN Co tech's, thus outside of the control of MyRepublic, so even though I've now been waiting a week, I don't believe it's their fault. According to NBN Co, my installation is in the queue, and progressing, but I don't know when it's likely to be yet.
            That's fine though. As much as I'd love to be on now, my ADSL is going to remain connected until I cancel it myself, so I won't be without internet at any stage.
            I haven't yet ready any negative reviews about people who are connected with them, but I also haven't really searched, and given I never have/had any issues with TPG, my experience with them contradicts just about every review I've ever read about them, so I'm going to just wait and see for myself.
            I did get a flyer in the mail from both TPG and iinet the other day due to NBN now being available, but man.. I had to laugh. TPG flyer boldly boasted unlimited data and phone on NBN for $59.95 a month. Then you turn it over, and find that it's only 12mbps! LOOOOOOOL
            I faster speeds than that on my ADSL, and it costs less! (Ok so phone would be more, but still..) MyRepublic offers the same thing, but on 100/40... Even if the support is a little slow, as long as the connection is stable, I'm more than willing to put up with it for that deal! ;)

      Shouldn't be locked to providers. Though it might depend on what kind of connection you have. I'm not 100% on that, but I would guess if you have a HFC connection, there may possibly be providers that only cater to traditional connection types. Generally though, you can search using the ISP's website, and it'll tell you if they can service your property.

      I just received my modem in the mail! Now I just have to wait for the tech's to call to arrange installation of the connection in my house.... HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        How long has it been. A bit of research on them it seems like they are really slow stating 5-20 business days for a connection. That was a post launch thing so not sure if they are better now

          About a week now I guess? By the sounds of it, the actual tech visits for installation are out of their control, and fall under the NBN co banner. I got a tweet from them yesterday, and they were able to check where my request was at, so I'm guessing the delay is due to the demand on the NBN techs? Could be wrong, but that's the impression i get from what they said. 5-20 days is actually fairly standard for all ISP's though, even for ADSL when you're setting up a new account. Though, with ADSL, it usually falls on Telstra to do the setup on the exchange side of things, and that's where it generally turns to shit.

          I should add that the delay doesn't really bother me much. Partly because it'll work out better payment wise if they take a little longer, but also, my ADSL is staying active the whole time, and it won't be automatically cut off at any point. There is info on the MyRepublic website which mentions auto cancellation upon connection etc., but I think it might only apply if you're with another NBN provider. I'm not getting a phone with my connection either (I could as it's included in the plan price, but I just don't need one) so perhaps that has something to do with it too. I guess if you're going to transfer your phone number, they may need to cancel your old one to let you keep the number.
          I specifically asked about cancellation though, as I wanted to make sure I wasn't without internet at any stage, and they said it would be my responsibility to cancel my TPG account, as well as my Telstra account for the phone line once it's all installed, and that suits me just perfectly :)

    ELITE! Took on a surface mission, paying 1.3mil to shut down a generator. It was a pretty small base, only three or four defence turrets to it, perched on a small ledge just inside a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE crater which contained some ~1.2km deep valleys. Only problem? It had a landing pad. And on the landing pad was an Asp, a member of the System Security Force. Learning from my last attempt at killing a power generator ("wtf why are those rockets launching so high and flying over the ridge and killing my ship?") I dismissed my Sidewinder and crept into the base in my SRV. Milked all the scanable data points for everything they had, spent a little while stuck on my back because the docked ship wouldn't let me activate my thrusters to right myself but a few restarts glitched them into firing, then it was time. A stare-down with the generator, waiting to take the next step that would trigger all hell to break loose.

    With a volley of fire, the generator blows up and alarms start screaming, the Asp is woken from its slumber and takes to the skies like an angry hornet. I scoot out of there as fast as I can when suddenly I see a purple-pinkish explosion on the ground in front of me, accompanied by a terrifying WHUMP. Holy shit he's got railguns. With this revelation I begin to panic, and figure the depths of the canyons might provide me with some cover. Turns out, it's not such a smooth run down. The planet surface can be incredibly bumpy, with so many tiny little hills to get stuck on while trying to make my way down the slopes. For the most part I'm avoiding the big hits, but the bumpy ride is taking its toll on my chassis. Eventually I get to the bottom and... it turns out the huge canyons are much more huge than I realised, and there's plenty of room for the Asp to buzz around overhead. Better keep on moving! First though, I'm in need of a hull repair. Got enough materials for seven of those, hopefully I won't need to use them all before I can get clear.

    Following the canyon through, I find a slightly less steep side and figure it's time to try and climb out of there. Only it's much steeper than I realise, and so much progress is slowed by getting airborne with all the bumps and low gravity. Eventually I get to the top and find smoother ground, where I can properly try and outrun the Asp. By now he seems to have thankfully run out of railgun ammo, except now I'm hearing different popping sounds. He's got cannons. And it seems there's some flak cannons too. Better not stay still for too long.

    The smooth ground I've found is the inside edge of the gigantic crater we're in. But as smooth as it is, there's still some lumpiness to it, which keeps sending me airborne and seems to make me an easier target. A couple of times he gets a lucky hit and my shields go down, so I start to swerve off course to try and shake his aim a little while I try to recharge. Only I lose control and end up going into a spin. I kick things into reverse and execute a perfect Easter Show precision driving team manoeuvre, and suddenly I'm driving backwards up the 50-60º hill at full pelt. No idea where I'm going and unable to turn around far enough to see, all I see is the angry Asp ahead of me chasing me down. By now I've got the hugest grin on my face and can't help but let out a cackle. This is the stupidest fun I've had with this game in ages.

    The chase went on for maybe an hour, hour and a half or so. He got some lucky shots in which drive my health right down but I got through several hull repairs just in time. A few times I'd spot things on the radar, and cheekily stopped by some meteorites to harvest materials, or a crashed satellite to take down some skimmers and scan some data. Eventually though I figured I'd just have to call my ship down and hope he didn't blow it up before I could get there. Thankfully he seemed entirely interested in my SRV instead, and with a couple of large loops I was able to throw him off long enough to board my Sidey and get the hell out of there. By this point I was some 30km away from the base, though looking at the land and trying to figure out where I'd been, I must have done a huge loop to end up where I was. Maybe some 150km worth, at a guess.

    Tldr made off like a bandit trying to escape being blown up by a space ship in a surface vehicle, had stupid fun. I like stories :P

      That is epic.

      Meanwhile, I'm mostly sitting outside Bluford Orbital in an Anaconda collecting and distributing rares for the Mobius group attempt to get a base in Colonia...

        I really wish I bookmarked/could remember the name of that base or system, it was a pretty cool spot. Might have to poke around the map and see if anything jogs my memory.

        Now though I'm starting to check out the engineers. Building up rep with the small recipes I have a bajillion units for, then hopping over to the next gu-


          You like shooting. :)

          Once you've unlocked them, you can rank up by providing more of the same. Farseer and Elvira you can rank up by selling exploration data at their base, f'rex.

            Oh yeah I forgot about that.

            Dude I am so rusty. Between the huge amount of time I've taken off as well as trying to use the twinstick setup which I never really got the hang of before my break, I'm getting my arse pretty well handed to me. Had one escape from the combat zone on 1%, another on 2%, and a couple of others where I was in the teens and hadn't even managed to take down one ship when I had to leg it. Dropped back to my single stick config for a bit and got the hang of things again, and now seem to be doing a lot better with twinstick than before. Got about 2.5mil so far I think from those couple of hours last night. This is gonna take forever.

      That is cool and gets me interested in the game but I know I don't have the time for it

    It's January. That means it's time for another installment of...

    NegativeZero's New Season Anime Impressions
    Watching the new season so you don't have to

    Akiba's Trip
    Anime adaption of a particularly silly game. Basically the premise is that there are people that are infected with some kind of virus which makes them attack people. It dissipates when enough their bodies are exposed to the air. We never got the first game in English so I don't know if this was the original plot, but the sequel which we did get had this make much more sense (sort of) - they were vampires and you were exposing them to the sun. Anyway, basically this is about people in Akihabara ripping off people's clothing. It was dumb fun as a game. The anime is just shit. I won't be watching any more of it.

    Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto-hen
    Straight continuation of the Ao no Exorcist / Blue Exorcist series. Pretty generic shounen action anime from a few years ago. I enjoyed it well enough, though it was never particularly amazing. Honestly the main thing I remembered was that they somehow coaxed Megumi Hayshibara out of retirement to voice an incidental character right at the end, which was surprising. Basically the setup is that the main character is literally the son of Satan and a human chick, and he wants to kill his dad. If you're hurting for a fairly generic action anime it'll probably be worth your time, but you will need to go back and track down the first series. Not sure if this will be a regular for me or not yet, as I said it wasn't amazing and I definitely don't feel like I'm excited to watch more, but I don't mind either if it's reasonable.

    Demi-chan wa Kataritai
    The setting basically has it that there are people who are genetic mutations, demi-humans. The main character's a high school biology teacher that wants to interview them and write a thesis or something. And naturally it turns out that some of the first year students are - there's a vampire, a snow girl and a dullahan. I enjoyed this. It's not great plot-wise but the characters (especially the Vampire girl) seem reasonable and it has good quality art. Not sure if it'll be a regular or not, will depend on how it develops.

    Gabriel Dropout
    Gabriel is an Angel who graduates top of her class from Angel school and is basically perfect at everything. However once arriving in the human world, she gets addicted to MMOs and goes completely rotten. This is what WoW does to you. Solid art, really good cast with some great comedy potential. Getting some Umaru-chan vibes from it. Assuming it develops okay, could be pretty entertaining. Definitely going to watch more.

    Main character is your Generic Wet Noodle Protagonist, who always has his phone in hand and appears to be a Twitter addict (I can relate). He moves from the country to live with his sisters in Tokyo while his parents live overseas. Just after arriving he encounters a random girl who falls over and gives him a bit of an eyeful, then smashes his phone assuming he was taking photos of her in a compromising position. RomCom ensues. Animation-wise this is pretty good, but it seems a bit generic to me. I'm assuming we're in for a standard love triangle (main dude was also childhood friends with some random chick that is now a massively popular idol or some shit). It seems pretty good but it's too vanilla for me. I might come back to it depending on the rest of the season though.

    Hand Shakers
    I didn't finish the episode, because the animation actually made me feel slightly ill. I get what GoHands were trying to do here, but the show itself looks to be utterly horrible and adding weird experimental animation over the top makes it worse. They're doing this weird shit with random jump-cuts and camera angles and fisheye effects and stuff, while also really badly mixing 3D and 2D effects. There's 3D chains everywhere and they keep moving and... urk. Avoid this. It's just bad.

    Little Witch Academia
    the best show this season. So anyway, Little Witch Academia is the latest TV anime from Studio Trigger. You might have already seen the two OVAs they made in this setting. This is basically a superset of that, starting with Akko's arrival at Witch School. For those that are unfamiliar, LWA could be described as a mashup of Harry Potter and a Magical Girl anime. Atsuko ('Akko') was inspired as a little girl after seeing a magical display put on by her idol, Shiny Chariot. She decides to enroll at Luna Nova, a school for witches, despite having little or no actual magical aptitude. The series is directed by veteran animator Yoh Yoshinari, who has a legendary hyperactive animation style - FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Panty & Stocking and Kill la Kill are some of his distinctive works. So basically this is a super good show. Go watch the OVAs (the Kickstarted one, Enchanted Parade, is even better than the original) and get excited for it in a year or so. :( First episode is fucking great by the way.

    Masamune-kun's Revenge
    When he was younger, Masamune confessed to a girl he liked, only to be completely rejected because he was fat. The girl then proceeded to nickname him 'Pig's Foot'. He swore revenge, and began by working out so hard that he became ripped and super hot. Now in high school, he encounters the same girl again, who terrorizes anyone that confesses to her with a combination of public humiliation and mean nicknames. He concocts a dastardly revenge plan: make her actually fall for him, then reject her. So basically it's a variation on The Taming of The Shrew, by way of several Hot-People-That-Hate-Each-Other-But-Fall-For-Each-Other-Anyway RomCom anime. Doesn't seem as skeezy as some of those can get though. I enjoyed the first episode a lot. High quality animation, solid cast, interesting enough of a hook. Probably a regular watch.

    Going to admit it now: I didn't watch much of this. I got a little way in, then got a horrible suspicion about it and looked it up and I was right. Way back when, there were a couple of Visual Novels turned Anime, Kimikiss and Amakano. Very high quality productions with great art and fantastic character designs, but painfully generic vanilla romance plots. Generally a few pairs of characters that sort of overlap with each other. No hook, no real conflict, no real plot. Everything basically set up ahead of time and plays out exactly as you'd expect. I found both of those shows to be utterly boring. I wanted to like them and couldn't. And this is the same artist and writer doing basically a repeat. Not my scene at all. Looks to be pretty polished though so if you're into generic sappy romance plots it might really appeal to you.

    Urara Meirochou
    A bunch of cute girls, lead by one that seems to have been raised by wolves or something (her method for apologizing is to reveal her belly and make puppy-dog eyes, yes really) travel to Fantasy Kyoto (the Labyrinth Town, Meirochou) to study to become Urara, basically fortune tellers. Didn't have much substance but it's got solid character art and it's pretty cute, though basically fluff. I end up watching these sorts of shows though so this probably is a regular. It definitely appealed enough to give it some more episodes.

    Youjo Senki
    This was one that a lot of people I know were excited for going in, and I don't understand why. Set in a sort of alternate-history WW1 except there's magic. The main character, Tanya, is a little girl who is also an incredible mage. And apparently a horrible monster. So basically an anti-hero protagonist. The setup sounded okay and Aoi Yuki is incredibly good in the part (as you'd expect from her) but the execution is beyond crap. The character designs are ugly as fuck, and the direction was a mess. Episode 1 felt like I was watching a clip show for an 80s series, pulled around by the nose. Really, really didn't like this. Unappealing. Dropping it unless I hear amazing things about it.

    EDIT: Auto-moderation? Why? :(

    Last edited 12/01/17 3:15 pm

    So I ran a normal Rift last night on T12, everything was going perfectly fine, rift guardian spawns: it's Perdition. Never seen him before, so I just treated him like any other RG - hung back, keep him slowed him with wall of death, hit him with a pirrahnado and let my pets wail on him. Quickly got him down to half health, then- *blink-splat* I get instagibbed as he appears on top of me. Huh. Okay, respawn, run to a safe distance, summon pets, and atta- *blink-splat*. Hmm. I'll wait for the cooldown on my pets to finish, and try again. 20-30 seconds later: *summon* *blink-splat*. Right. Maybe if I approach him from the area entrance? *respawn in town* *wait for cooldown* *summon* *re-enter* Right, where is that basta- *blink-splat*. Dammit. Got him eventually, letting my pets deal damage as I maniacally ran in circles as an angry chicken to avoid his other attacks, but holy crap do I need better defence in my build. Just need that spirit harvester to drop...

    Last edited 13/01/17 12:00 pm

    This is more for @welbot but advice from other gurus is just as welcome.

    Given my CPU "fun" I have vritually enough parts to build a new server. I'm just lacking a motherboard and a cooler.

    Long story short, I'm basically upgrading my FreeBSD box so it has newer hardware (it's main weakness is the DDR2 RAM which is getting harder and more expensive to find now).

    But I have been pondering; would it be better to use a liquid cooler (sealed unit of course) instead of a typical fan?

    I'm thinking along the lines of keeping the overall machine quieter by using a simple cooler instead of multiple fans.

    What do you guys and gals think? Overkill or a good, durable, long term solution?

    Either way, thanks in advance for any advice.

      Or go for a noctua air cooler, their fans are dead silent & their coolers are awesome. I have their L9i low profile cooler on my NAS, it's a great little cooler, keeps the i3 6100 rather cool. I'm also running 3 of their NF-F12 fans in my new build 2 in a push pull config on an AIO water cooler and I can't even hear them lol.

      The last time I looked, a liquid cooling loop is actually usually marginally more noisy than a good CPU fan designed to be silent.

      I have a Noctua fan (can't remember the exact model) in my desktop (which also has a good Corsair case to reduce noise as well) and when the machine's not under load you can't even tell the thing's on. I went this route because when I built it, my PC had to live in my bedroom and the noise was keeping me up at night. The only time I can hear the machine nowadays is when I've got it under load playing a game, and the bulk of the noise comes from the GPU.

      It all depends on the kind you get. What most people don't seem to realize is, that most sealed water cooling units still have fans to push/pull air over the radiator. Noise wise, they can be equally as noisy as some fan cooling setups. If you want absolute silence, you can get passive heat sink coolers, but how successful it will be, will depend on how cool your room is, and how hard you push the processor.

    Why is it that everytime Nintendo brings out something, all the Nintendo haters come out? "I don't enjoy this thing, so I have to ruin it for you too!"
    Seriously, I don't go around shouting that the playstation or xbone are shit, why do they have to do it?

      I'm starting to feel pretty down on the whole thing and questioning whether I even want one any more. Can't actually tell whether it's just all the negativity going around the place, or if I'm actually displeased enough with how everything's unfolding to just cut and run.

        I would suggest ignoring what people are saying. Ask yourself if you'll be more disappointed if you miss out or if you get it and regret it.

          I guess it's more that the negativity cuts through the hype than anything. Although some do bring up good points that stick with me.

          The main one that's bothering me now is the paid online stuff. The monthly game is worthless to me since I'm not going to play it, and the advanced features look to only be available through a smartphone app which I am unable to use. So there doesn't seem to be any benefit to the subscription at all, I'm just paying to use the games I've already paid for. So that has me wondering if I should even bother getting Splatoon 2, or any multiplayer-centric titles at all and just stick with single player, since that's what I tend to play most of. And I could probably stand to leave out Mario Kart even though I barely played the original. That leaves the lineup looking pretty dry so far. Also I'll probably play Zelda on Wii U instead, though the screwup where we're getting Limited instead of Master Edition (and ours has the sword statue instead of the Sheikah Slate case for some reason) has me a bit annoyed too. Oh, and apparently the joycon grip that comes with the console doesn't allow you to charge the joycons, you need to buy one of the separate ones for that instead! I can't even remember if there were other things that were bothering me any more, but it's all feeling like the death of a thousand papercuts.

        I think I came across more critical than I intended. I think part of it was they just pushed a couple of wrong buttons and peoples reactions to that.
        It started with the No region locking (insert huge cheer here) and I was more focused on teh giant * net to it and wanting to know what that means.
        They further in the presentation they are talking about releases being 'in japan'. It might be a silly pedantic point, but lack of clarity on the issues has me thinking it is weasel words. Which annoy me and got off on the wrong foot.
        The other thing was the launch line up being non existent seems odd for a launch console. I mean it isn't the first time it has happened but it does seem very light.

        Some of the games looked very cool, the new Mario looks great but I guess my feeling would be to wait until the end of the year to get it if that is your thing. But if you really want to play Zelda and avoid spoilers that would be a reason to grab it. Although as you say there is still the Wii U option for that anyway

    @alexwalker: I really like the dark theme for the site (way easier to read with my eye condition), but it seems like after a week or so it resets back to the white theme? I'm assuming it's being set with a cookie or something, could you ask the web guys if they can extend it so that it lasts for longer please?

    Last edited 14/01/17 6:06 pm

    I need help figuring out what to pull off my backlog. Next major drop everything and play it release for me is Tales of Berseria on the 24th meaning I have a couple of weeks to get stuck into something and finish it. Gravity Rush 2 and Fate/Extelia are out next week but I'm not in a huge rush to play either.

    Current backlog:
    - Atelier Sophie (PS4, I got about 50% of the way in so probably 20+ hours left)
    - Trails of Cold Steel (Vita, I was about 75% done but it's been a long time & it's a big time investment still)
    - Trails in the Sky Second (Vita or PC, I finished the first one on Vita (PSP) so would have a save to carry over, feel like I'd want to re-play the first one on PC though)
    - Gravity Rush (PS4, I never finished it on Vita so this would be starting over - sequel is out next week)
    - Fire Emblem Fates (3DS, I never even opened my LE I was so upset at them cutting dual audio and localizing it so badly, but I probably should just play it)
    - Bravely Second (3DS, was playing Cold Steel at the time so never got around to starting it)
    - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PC, was super hyped for this and then it sort of came out in a weird patch for me and I never actually played it)
    - Doom (PC, I keep getting a little way in and getting really bored after an hour or two)
    - Tokyo Mirage Sessions (WiiU, I have to do some fucking around to softmod my WiiU so I can play the un-fucked version though and the game is apparently enormous)
    - Star Ocean 5 (PS4, Just never got to it)
    - Gears of War 4 (XB1, Got lost in the shuffle)
    - Quantum Break (XB1, Was playing other things at the time)
    - Valkyrie Drive (Vita, I dunno I got it on a whim because it's the Senran Kagura director's work but everyone says its shit)
    - Galgun (Vita/PS4, I shouldn't admit to owning this probably)

    I feel like a lot of my backlog is RPGs that will suck up a solid 40-80 hours each but I'm wanting to fill in the gap between now and the start of Feb or so when I can start Tales and don't know if I can commit to that, though I guess I could always just start Tales later. Feb and March are going to be packed for me - Persona 5 mid-Feb, Horizon end of Feb, Zelda & Nier start of March, Mass Effect end of March (and somewhere in there Yakuza 0 and Nioh release, but I'll backlog them) all those will be decently big time investments so the next week or two is basically my last point to take some stuff off the backlog before I get swamped with anticipated new releases. Luckily I think after ME there's not much in the pipe again.

    Last edited 14/01/17 7:37 pm

      Reviews of Doom I have seen are that it is more of the same as you get further in so if it hasn't grabbed you after 5 hours it probably won't
      If you have tales as your next major game I would hold off any of the other big RPG, personally I get RPG fatigue if I try to play 2 straight.
      So Deus Ex, Gears or Quantum break are the ones that seem most outside the scope of Tales.
      A few other ones there as well like Valkyrie drive but that seems more like a play between session than a sit down and play it through.
      If you do want to go an RPG then finish off Atelier Sophie

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