Tell Us Dammit: New Year's Gaming Resolutions

It's a New Year, and while it might be cliched as well it's still a perfect time to set goals. Goals help us achieve things; they help us structure our lives, become organised.

But do you organise your gaming life?

A few years ago I embarked upon one such New Year's Resolution by setting myself a fortnightly weekly game challenge. The idea was to clear through my Steam library, or at least part of my pile of shame.

The best part of it, and what made the experience worthwhile in the first place, was the ability to set qualifiers. So I put Star Wars: The Old Republic on my fortnightly list, but only on the condition that I had to finish the original questline for my Sith Warrior. (I've considered replaying the game to go through some of the other quest lines, but simply haven't had the time.)

Every year there is always a backlog of games from the year prior that I'd simply never gotten to. That's the case this year, partially in thanks to how much time I've sank into the void that is Destiny. One resolution that I'd like to knock off, at some point, is Pillars of Eternity, pictured above. I also wouldn't mind doing the co-op campaign for Divinity: Original Sin, especially since I started the real-life D&D journey a few months ago.

But what about yourselves? Have you set any New Year's resolutions - and have you set, now or ever, any resolutions when it comes to video games?


    Maybe not set in stone - but I did promise myself id get out of my single player hating phase - for so many years now I've been a multiplayer gamer and games such as Witcher 3 and FF XV while amazing and beautiful, dont hold my attention longer then a day or two.
    Need to get back into solo RPG games so I'm ready for the FF7 remake.

    Getting the living room sorted out properly with the TV over the mantle piece and hiding all the cords/wires in preparation for the Switch. Now that my young bloke is interested in console gaming (thankyou very much mini NES!!) he cant get enough of the escapades of Link and Mario.
    As for my platform of choice in PC gaming, I'll have to put the gfx upgrade off for another year which won't be a bad thing - I can attack my shame pile and finally finish off PoE and Div: OS.

    I have a laundry list of games I need to really get into, as well as just some goals for certain games.

    - Complete a manned mission to another planet in KSP.
    - Get back into Elite: Dangerous.
    - Start a new character in Path of Exile.
    - Git much gudder at BF1.
    - Stop buying games that have died on PC (looking at you Battlefront).
    - Find a good HOTAS at a good price.

    I think that's about all at this stage :)

    I've got not too much on my slate (other than Mass Effect and Tides of Numenera) in the first half of the year, so I'm going to try and clear some of the stuff from last year. Witcher DLC, Dark Souls 3

    Eventually, I may even play Fallout 4 again

    I've told myself that I'm not allowed to buy any new games until I clear my backlog. Suikoden, Final Fantasy VI as well as far too many others have been sitting unplayed for far too long.

    I just hope I can finish them before Mass Effect Andromeda comes out, because I don't think I'm strong enough not to buy that immediately.

    Finish the main questline of The Witcher 3 (and that's without even thinking about any of the add-ons, which I will inevitably pick up at some point)

    Pick up all the games from this year that I've been too cheap to buy - Doom and Titanfall 2 are top of the list because they have solid single-player that won't take too long to plow through, and I'm not particularly fussed with the multiplayer (although I'll undoubtedly give it a go and get sucked in, just like I always do!). I'm also tempted to give Fallout 4 a go, but I don't think I can commit enough time to it.

    Finish Borderlands 2 - I'm almost done with this one but am never in the mood to finish it off.

    Stop being a salty bastard when I play Dota - I've already failed this one several times.

    Starcraft 2, Legacy of the void, complete.

    Good prologue, tought campaign, really didn't care.
    Starcraft universe done now tho.

    Deus Ex
    Mirrors Edge
    Division survival mode
    All hitman elusive contracts :)

    It's a weird one as it's usually the opposite of most people want but i want to finally be up to speed with FFXIV for the new expansion.

    I never even did all of the requirements for Heavensward so i have a lot of content to go through, but i've been chipping away at it from the start of this year and have about 50 more quests to go in the original story, then i have another 100 or so quests that were added later on in patches to get to the Heavensward content, then i have to do all of the heavensward content and hit the level cap, then if i have any time i'd like to try out the Dark Knight class as well.

    At the rate i'm going i might be able to be up to heavensward in a couple of weeks.

    I also need to find a Free company to join so i can do the cool end game stuff, however that's definitely not until i am at least ready for Stormblood.

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    No real set goals but a focus on getting out of the grindy, repeating, time consuming games
    Less massive open worlds, rougue-likes, MMO and timesinks

    Play through the games I have that have clear progression and storyline. Have some amazing games sitting in my pineapple of shame that I really should get to.
    So getting to them rather than another dozen runs of space food truck is the goal

    Before I purchase any game, I now require that I clear three or four games out of my pile of shame. Overwatch is slowing down that process somewhat.

    1. Finish 5 games.
    2. Buy Breath of the Wild on the Wii U when it comes out.
    3. Finish Breath of the Wild.

    Get to the mun(moon) on ksp
    Get to the store on my summer car
    Anything else is a bonus

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