Tell Us Dammit: Your Australia Day

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Given that today is An Official Public Holiday and all, it only begs to ask the question: what are you doing to celebrate?

As for me, I'll be going to a fairly chill BBQ, although hopefully the cooking process doesn't end up as manic as sessions of Overcooked do. Also, I'd be a bit gutted if I did overcook the snags and minute steaks I wholly intend on inhaling.

What are you doing today - you spending it with friends, family, or by yourself with some video games?


    First a trip to the city where I learned that Microsoft do that creepy clapping thing when then open their store. Then home for an afternoon of Gossip Girl to celebrate Gossip Girl day (A New York City Event), and finally some time with Bioshock Infinite for Winter-een-mas (day two of the Gamer's holiday celebrates the FPS). Oh and I have this new honey/cider coating recipe for the lamb dinner I'll make later. All set.


      So CAD is still a thing then?

        It sure is. I celebrate this holiday every year

    Just having a bbq with the family, nothing big.

    *Invasion day.

      Well if you want to label it invasion day you could equally call it conquest day. What will that accomplish though?

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        It shouldn't be celebrated at all. Everything about the 'holiday' is about celebrating white/european culture. At best it suppresses and dominates the culture of the only people that could truly call themselves Australian and at worst it revels in that domination.

        Saying 'sorry' is not enough, neither would be abolishing Australia day or at least moving the date, but it would be a step in the right direction.

          Sorry but I refuse to feel guilty for being born a white Australian and I'll continue to uphold the oath I swore to protect this nation's people regardless of their colour or gender.

            You swore an oath? To protect the people of this nation? What the hell does that even mean? No one attacked your mysterious sacred oath, or your heritage... I don't see what any of that has to do with this subject? What about protecting the rights/dignity/honor of a ancient culture by NOT celebrating such a terrible day?

              If you don't understand what jobs require you to swear an oath or make an affirmation to serve the Queen, country and it's people then I feel for you. Just know though that myself and my colleagues will continue to ensure you have the right to that form of ignorance.

            No reason to feel guilty for being white, but everyone should acknowledge that European 'settlers' did not 'settle' some form of terra nullius, but invaded a country and slaughtered its population both deliberately and accidentally.

            Put it this way: a bunch of blue people arrive tomorrow with weaponry and technology you don't understand and begin taking all of the products we make because they don't recognise your ownership over said products. All the while we are also dying to the diseases they brought. Eventually we get fed up and fight back and inevitably get slaughtered and some years later that day January 27th is known as flltrll day, a celebration of our glorious flltrll nation. Do you think you'd be happy every time flltrll day comes around? I sure as hell wouldn't be, especially if we weren't even officially recognised in the bloody constitution.

              By that logic every country in the world besides African nations should be ashamed of their heritage. I'm sorry but I don't subscribe to that belief and if said blue people did do such a thing I can tell you now I wouldn't be lucky enough to live in their modern civilisation receiving welfare for the blood that runs through my veins. I would of been one of those unfortunate casualties in one of the many skirmishes that took place with both sides claiming victories.

          I'm going to go wear a flag as a cape to balance out your un-Austrayan-ness.

          Plus, applying the concept of original sin to everyone is definitely the only road to harmony. Definitely.

            Any one that describes me as un-Australian in an attempt to insult me can only possibly compliment me. Your Australia is not one I want to be a part of.

    Most of my family is away for the long weekend and my girlfriend is working so I'm just gonna grab some fast food and watch some horror movies. Might swing by EB and pick up Resident Evil 7 if the mood strikes.

    Borderlands 2. Though the Presequel would be more Australian...

      A good choice for the FPS day of Winter-een-mas

    I'm currently at work in my Australian uniform: Board shorts.

    My wife is chinese, so we've just travelled over to Melbourne for chinese new year with her family.

    Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

    10 hours of losing at Overwatch and opening nothing but sprays. :/
    Would rather have gone to work

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    Had a BBQ, cut a car in half, blew junk up with petrol and degreaser..

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