The Big Question: Mario Or Zelda

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So we know by the end of 2017, the Nintendo Switch will have two new entries for its biggest franchises. Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

Question is, which one are you more excited for?

At the start of the year people would have probably said Zelda: Breath of the Wild without a second thought. But now that we've seen more of New Donk City - best Mario name - it's hard not to get a little excited for a 3D Mario again.

Some people have pointed out that Mario is going the 3D Sonic route, but let's pray that doesn't happen.

So we've had all the footage. We know they're both coming out. Super Mario Odyssey or Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Which one?


    Por que no los dos?

      was just about to type the same thing. just in english.
      so instead ill say

      Definitivamente ambos

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    Neither. Played them all to death in previous incantations.
    Nintendo is like the ex that just glosses itself up every now and then to try and trick you into feeling it is different now. Take a look at what is being presented here - same shit, different shovel.

      Played them all to death in previous incantations.

      I think you mean "incarnations".

        no, incantations is right.

        dont you know anything about game development?!!?!

        Auto corrected. I typed incarnations and got switched to some airy fairy, fantasy spell raising wordage instead.

      Yeah, their machines are just gimmicky toys now to my mind and as good as Zelda games are (I've gone cold on Mario's 3d games) I can't justify buying a console for one title.

      I guess on top of this, if I had kids I wouldn't be shelling out $450 for a game console with nothing bundled in. It's just crazy.

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      Man, haters are so hilarious. There's more gameplay innovation between each Mario title than there is between almost any given two entirely different FPS franchises. If you want to reduce all Mario games to "the same shit", then for you there have been only like 10 different games across gaming history.

    Even it's simply in jest, the Sonic Adventure comparisons hand-wave away everything that's gone into any Mario game since the 90s. I think it'll be okay.

    I'm still adamant about getting Breath of the Wild on my Wii U. It's practically going to be my all-in-one box for that franchise and many, many others now.

    So yeah, Super Mario Odyssey. I wonder if we'll get Pig Mario this time around.

    I've never really liked Zelda games that much (Yes, "Shun the disbeliever") but Breath of the Wild looks like it might be enough of a deviation from the formula to be something I'll enjoy. It all comes down to whether the dungeon formula is traditional Zelda puzzle dungeons or more like adventure dungeons.

    Mario's Creed looked somewhat interesting but it will only really pique my interest if there's a huge range of movement options rather than just platforming.

    Zelda - that Mario game by comparison looks dated and just terrible. Until i get my hands on both at this stage it's Zelda all the way.

    Man, I'm surprised Zelda has such a great lead over Mario (atm 85% v 15%); I mean, I'm excited for Zelda but at the same time the gameplay so far has been just another scavenging survival game (given it is also plus those sweet sweet dungeons that I'm sure will be spectacular). Whereas the last time we had a 3d platformer to the level of quality of a Mario game was, well, Mario 64 tbh.

      I think new donk city looks terrible and it's put people off - the other stages and new gameplay mechanics look amazing. I'll play Zelda on wii u and buy a switch when Mario comes out

    overall series? zelda.
    but specifically between these two games? neither. ninty is gonna have to demonstrate a commitment to the console before i'd give any money to em.

    eugh, like choosing between two different memories as to which is better. Probably Zelda. I've been a lapsed Nintendo fan, my last console was the Nintendo 64. Got a DS to play Zelda & Mario and probably only played for like 2 hours each. I'll probably jump back in, Breath of the Wild looks v. cool. I'll wait until there's a bundle or sale though.

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      Yeah, that's basically the same boat I'm in, had a SNES and N64, but after that got a Dreamcast and haven't owned a Nintendo console since.

      For me it's Breath of the Wild, Mario just doesn't appeal to me. BotW looks incredible, but I'm also waiting on a bundle. I can't justify $560 minimum to play one game.

    It doesn´t makes sense to me...How can you ask something like that when there´s only one trailer for Mario Odyssey? There´s a lot of footage for the new Zelda game, so there´s more Zelda related stuff that is making most people feel excited.

    I might be excited by both if it was an affordable system :|

    I need to upgrade my pc this year, so I doubt I'll be contemplating getting a switch for quite a while. If it was cheaper perhaps, but i can't justify that much for something i'll have few games for, and especially when those games remain at RRP forever. Fuck Ninten$ :(

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    Metroid & Pokemon (neither announced)

    Otherwise Mariokart and Splatoon, but with the luckluster online service deal multiplayer titles such as those nnay not be worth the hassle. Especially in Australia

    Oh. By the title question, Mario easy. But the poll question? I'm all hype for BotW. Odyssey does look cool though.

    Geez, not many Nintendo peeps here. I get the feeling that even if they'd announced that new games in every single one of their major franchises were going to be released on launch day people would still be bagging them out.

    I for one am excited. Keep doing what you do Nintendo and if the Switch fails, it fails. I know I'll be supporting it.

      Quiet the opposite... if they announced that many launch titles for Day 1 the response would of been greater. The reaction at the moment is a bit dull because the line up and the presentation was a bit dull. Very little surprises and very little new or excitibg infornation, it was just "We are Nintendo and we are doing business as usual"

    Its too early to get excited about MARIO. We know it's an open world game and he has some neat new tricks, but it's still months away. Zelda meanwhile is 7 weeks away!!!!!!!!!

    Usually it would be a Mario game but this time around, I'm more hyped for Zelda. What they've shown of Odyssey hasn't really grabbed me like past Mario games have.

    The last great Zelda game was A Link Between Worlds imo, and prior to that Wind Waker.

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