The Big Question: Party Pies Or Sausage Rolls

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I mean, is this even a question. I didn't think it was. Sausage rolls are the absolute bomb. The pinnacle of Australia. Tomato sauce. BBQ sauce. BOTH. Sausage roll. Done. Perfect day achieved.

But no, some people prefer those little pockets of minced disappointment. So the question must be: party pies or sausage rolls?

As much as I am shitting on party pies, I do have some supremely fond memories of the full-sized versions. It used to be a treat after 9 holes on the Picton golf course; I'd wander up and down the fairway (sometimes with a reasonable measure of success) with my dad and godfather, and the latter would sit and teach me the proper manner on eating a meat pie afterwards with a schooner of pub squash. (Solo, basically.)

But for the mini variants, sausage rolls all the way. They're easier to eat, a bit more consistent across the board, and just all-around reliable. Anything that is a receptacle for sauce entering your mouth never fails, especially if pastry is involved.

What's your preference?


    Fully agree Alex. Full sized pies, or mini sausage rolls.
    Lamb mince + garlic + chilli + salt + parsley + puff pastry -> super easy, homemade sausage rolls.

      I only agree with you because they are home made, then yes indeed, sausage rolls are better. Mass produced stuff though the party pie wins.

      Edit: Though as I stated below, mini Quiches are the real winners here.

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    Sausage rolls all the way, especially fresh out of the oven. Don't get me wrong, I like Party Pies but biting into one is always like biting into molten lava.

    Full sized pie > sausage roll > mini sausage roll > mini pie.

    I was disappointed in you for choosing sausage rolls over party pies but I could overlook that.
    But "(Solo, basically.)", WTH man. A true pub squash is so far superior to that stuff. Without question.

      Agreed! Pub squash is far, far superior to solo.

        YES! Pub squash is sensational. But I didn't know whether the name would be universally recognised.

          Can understand the need for clarification but the false equivalence upset me. Like legitimately made me upset that somebody would say such a thing.
          It is odd, but you caused a real reaction from me

    Nothing says a good night like a Mrs Mac's Maggot Bag from the Servo at 3 am

    How dare you say that about party pies Alex. We need to talk...

    MY wife's nanna makes the most amazing sausage rolls. They had a baby shower for her sister on the weekend and she took a container full just for me for the wife to bring home for me!!!

    Word of advice - If anyone makes amazing homemade snag rolls, tell them how amazing they are all the time... Soon enough they'll start provisioning an extra batch for you :D

      Home made sausage rolls beat out anything. I love making them...and more importantly, eating them. Addictive little buggers they are.

    Neither I'm afraid, it's all about the mini Quiches

      and the Indian selection, in particular spicy samosas.

    I feel like it depends entirely on the sausage roll and/or party pie in question. A mediocre sausage roll is superior to a mediocre party pie by a mile, however sausage rolls (especially if we're talking about the mini-sized ones) have much more of a glass ceiling, where you can make them 'better' but not actually improve the eating experience, unlike a party pie which has the potential for much higher quality, for example the party pies made by Boscastle absolutely crap all over most party sausage rolls, including their own variety.

    A full-size pie is obviously superior to a party pie as well. There's more filling so each mouthful has a better pastry-to-filling ratio. But that's irrelevant. Both have their place and their potential.

      Boscastle are amazingly good at making pies
      I got all excited recently when I found a little cafe near work stocked them.......then they put it in the microwave

        Microwave then oven for 5-10 to crisp them up is not ideal but acceptable. Straight microwave is just shameful.

        I really like their Butter Chicken pies.

          The Thai chicken and the Moroccan lamb are both good. Don't think I have tried butter chicken but might have to try.

            Yeah, I like those too. I feel like how you feel about the butter chicken will depend on your opinion of the curry.

        So cruel. Their website touts them as being available "Australia wide" though there is a conspicuous absence of any availability in South Australia, only the home of the famous pie floater! For that matter, NT misses out as well.

        Lies, it's all lies!

      that's not in the spirit of the question.
      If you had a plate with party pies and mini sausage rolls, and they both look equally good or bad.

      Which do you go for first?

        That's exactly my argument though. At low quality levels, the sausage roll will most likely be superior. At high quality levels, the party pie will most likely be.

        If I didn't know what quality level either were at, I would first sample the party pie.

    I voted party pies because I'm both a heathen, but more importantly allergic to onion... which sausage rolls have in spades :'( If you're talking homemade though, sausage rolls all the way baby!!!

      Dude, same! Well, the allergy bit (not the pies, blurch). Hate pies, love sausage rolls but can't tolerate onions in them. Am on a lifelong quest to find the perfect bakery sausage roll without onions.

      Also hate sausage rolls stuffed with carrot and other filler shite. Can't understand how some people love sausage rolls stuffed with chunks of carrots and onion.... That ain't a sausage...

        I don't mind shredded carrot and shredded zuchinni in them, but ONLY if they're finely shredded! Any chunks of stuff is gross :B

    Definitely mini sausage rolls are more consistent but for full size pies Mrs. Macs Pizza Pies are life! <3. They are rare to find in Caltext/BP servos so I contacted Mrs. Macs on their website and their is a distributor in called Arctic Food Wholesalers located in 134 Cheltenham Rd, Dandenong VIC 3175. Been buying them there since by the box. They have other brands pies and frozen foods also :)

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      Oh man, Mrs. Mac's Pizza Pies are the best thing ever. Thanks so much for sharing this, hopefully they ship to S.A. Paying $6 each on the rare occasion you see them is a pain in the butt. Foodland do sell them, but at $5 a pop and far from consistently. They are out of stock more often than not at the local one.

    Controversially neither
    drops mic

      I don't know what that is, so you're obviously wrong and some kind of mutant

      Oh I forgot about those! Yes yes yes. But still after quiche

    Party pies are better up front, but once they start to cool down they revert to disgusting meaty goo. Whereas sausage rolls can be enjoyed at a longer temperature because there's no gravy.

    So, the answer is both.

    But we all know cheerios shit on either of them

    Now......what about square party pies vs round party pies?

    What a stupid article to read when you're hungry. Thanks, thank you very much. (I do have hash browns in the freezer, but it's not the same) :p

    I voted sausage rolls; home-made ones have no equal.
    I'm wary of the little hell pockets of molten lava also called party pies. The number I've scalded the top of my mouth so badly the skin peels off is high, and counting.

    Sausage rolls ONLY if home made or from a good bakery. The frozen supermarket ones are just dissapointment paste wrapped in cardboard.

    Mini pies are good. Tiny mini pies are also good (Pie Bites).

    But both don't stand up to a mini spring roll!

    As much as I am shitting on party pies

    Some people just use sauce Alex, some people just use sauce...

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