The Campaign For Skate 4 Just Got Some Momentum

The Campaign For Skate 4 Just Got Some Momentum

Following months of lobbying by a grassroots movement, spurred on by one of the largest skate parks in the United States, to make Skate 4, EA over the weekend went and did the unthinkable: they gave it momentum.

The train kicked off again thanks to a single tweet from Daniel Lingen, a senior manager of community engagement at EA. It’s pretty simple, containing a lone hashtag:

The hashtag hasn’t been put out by EA’s official Twitter, so it’s entirely possible that Lingen is going off on a tangent. It was only in May that EA said a new Skate wasn’t in development, after all.

But that was before The Berrics, with their help of their website and substantial social media followings, kicked off a campaign to make Skate 4 a reality. The “makeeaskateagain” Instagram has over 38,600 followers, while The Berrics have 1.3 million followers on Instagram and around 287,000 on Twitter.

Not every one of those followers would be motivated to buy Skate 4 if it emerged, as neat as the idea sounds. (Hell, can you imagine a new Skate game appearing on the Nintendo Switch?) But what’s interesting is that the campaign at least appears to have resonated within EA, which hasn’t always moved at lightspeed when it comes to fan demands for making or reselling old products.

And in any case, Lingen’s tweet might be another attempt by EA to gauge just how much interest a Skate sequel would actually have. There’s no doubt it’d be popular among skateboarders, with the games (along with Tony Hawk) being a popular way to unwind in between sessions, or while recovering from an injury.

But is Skate 4 actually happening? At this stage, no. But Lingen’s also been around the block before: he started at EA as a community management intern in 2008 and has been contributing to the company’s marketing and social media campaigns for years. He knows what he’s doing. So you can bet your bottom dollar that this won’t be the last we hear of Skate 4.

Personally, I look forward to our new glitchy skater overlords.


  • There’s no doubt it’d be popular among skateboards, with the games (along with Tony Hawk) being a popular way to unwind in between sessions, or while recovering from an injury.

    Probably popular with the people riding them as well.

    • Does seem strange considering, Has EA even announced any games for the Switch?

      But Kotakus Got to shoe horn Switch discussion in where ever they can.

      I’m half surprised they didn’t speculate about Pillars of Eternity 2 on the switch.

      • they have only announced Fifa, and they specifically said they have no plans for anything else at the moment.

      • Isn’t “Steep” an EA game. Or maybe that’s Activision.
        EDIT: Silly Me, It’s Ubisoft.

  • I’ve been waiting for this since the latest run of consoles came out. Skate is a brilliant series, the flick-it controls are brilliant, they just need to create an entirely new map this time… if I see San Vanellona or Port Carverton again, I’ma be real mad.

    • I think this is what killed the series. They were all set in more or less the same place with the same people. Skate 3 was a huge step forward but in a lot of ways it was just Skate with more buttons. I think they needed to go global. Make it like Pokémon with a new region each game. I’d actually like a small town that wasn’t built for skating. Somewhere more suburban where you have to travel to get to the really good spots.

  • As much as I’d like a new one I’m not getting my hopes up. EA knows there are tons of skate fans out there, but for all it’s fans the games didn’t work out as a yearly sports title.

  • If it’s like skate 2 it will be fine.

    The sound track to a skating game makes all the difference too. I mean yeah, I could use my own music…

  • Tony is out of contract with Activision too now isn’t he? Skate’s gameplay with Tony Hawks branding and connections would be a thing of beauty.

  • Y u no SK84?
    Are they allergic to massive piles of money?
    Seriously, they could take a photo of Danny Way’s butt, call it Skate 4 and still sell zillions.

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