The Creator Of Fruit Ninja Has A Brand New Video Game

It's called Crash Club, and you can sign up to play in the beta right now.

What is Crash Club? I've yet to check it out, but it's a game about crashing cars with an online component. According to the folks at Prettygreat, it's their most ambitious title to date.

Prettygreat is a studio headed up by Fruit Ninja creator Luke Muscat alongside other Halfbrick alumni like Phil Larsen and Hugh Walters. They previously release Slide The Shakes and Land Sliders — both of which were... pretty great.

Especially Slide The Shake which I found super addictive.

I expect Crash Club to hit that same level of quality. Can't wait to check it out.


    I've been in the beta for a few weeks, can confirm it's very fun... however needs players since it's completely multiplayer. Now that the beta has been expanded this should be less and less of a problem. :)

      Joined the Beta today, and yeah I agree the lack of players makes it a bit of a drag, only played a total of 5 games and 2 of them I was on my own for the entire thing, Pretty fun game despite that, though.

        At one point they were testing bot players (the devs themselves were online at that point spawning them in) which was interesting. Still early days though.

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