The Internet Reacts To The Nintendo Switch Presentation

Yesterday's Nintendo Switch presentation was our first look at how the Switch works, as well as some of the games that will be on the console. Lets see how the internet feels about all this.

The announcement that got everyone the most hype wasn't Zelda — it was New Donk City.

But that isn't to say that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being a launch title wasn't cause for excitement.

Nintendo also announced a new fighting game, Arms. In it, you punch people with your extending arms and, well, it's kinda trippy.

As for the conference itself, despite a very nervous translator fumbling over Suda51's presentation, it just left everyone wondering if they'd be able to actually, you know, preorder a dang Switch.

Though the conference was conveniently timed on a Friday afternoon for Australians, others around the globe weren't so fortunate. After staying up all night and getting up in the morning for work, a lot of people are probably feeling this tweet.


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