The New Red Xbox One Controller Looks Like A Lolly And I Want To Eat It

Today Microsoft introduces two new official colours to the Xbox One Wireless Controller line. There's green and orange, which looks like an escapee from a Halo bundle, and sweet, delicious red, with its colourful lolly buttons and delicious gummy analogue sticks. It makes my teeth ache.

Available from the Microsoft Store, the $94.95 Red controller features a simple two-tone red design that evokes red licorice, dark cherry Starbursts and other things slightly more edible than machined plastic. The buttons look like hard lollies, and the analogue nubs look like they need chewing much more than the standard ones.

It's probably just me, but sometimes designs and colours schemes come together in such a way that I just want to sink my teeth into them. The new red controller probably doesn't actually smell or taste like those dried chocolate cherries they sell in the slightly-fancier part of the confectionery aisle, but damn if I don't want it to.

Meanwhile, the new Green and Orange is just another gamepad.

You can eat that one if you'd like.


    Need an elite with bluetooth k thnx

    Are those colours between the buttons new? That is a nice solution for those who still need them.

      They’ve done that on a few of their recent controllers, I think it’s been standard since the ‘S’ came out.

    Is it just a colour change or is this their contribution to Product Red?

    Looks like Deadpool's butt.

    I'll leave you to work out if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

    I really hate the guide button on these new "s" controllers, it is very hard to double tap for menu access/screenshots/etc

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