The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Is Back In Stock (At EB Games)

Image: Gizmodo

You can only get one per customer, but that's better than the zero a lot of people got last year.

As first picked up by Vooks, EB is taking orders for the latest round of stock for the Nintendo Classic Mini NES. It's still $100, and the list of games hasn't changed, but at least now you'll probably be able to buy one without EB's site crashing.

(The fact that it costs $100 but doesn't come with the necessary AC adapter to power the console is a bit grating, but that's a whinge for another day.)

So if you missed out before Christmas, here's another chance to get on board the Mini NES train. For those who did pick up one before Christmas: how are you finding it?


    Awesome. Also, can you not plug the USB cable into a spare port in the back of your TV?

      yes you can, thats how mine is setup

        Mine too. You shouldn't even need a power adapter, just use your TV's USB port. Target was selling separate power adapters when I purchased my system but I turned it down cause I knew I didn't need it. I'm glad they are keeping the cost of the system down in this way.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndd, i still have no desire to purchase it.

    Really just in in for the controller.

    I 'need' a proper NES controller to play NES games, Mario in particular.

    Super Mario Maker and its SMB1 levels played with diagonal placed face buttons makes me sad.

    With this, I'll be able to plug it into a Wii Remote and I'll be off to the races.

    I already do this with the Super Famicom Club NIntendo Controller I plug into a Wii Remote for SNES games, not to mention it works with a select few Wii/Wii U games too.

      You know you can buy usb replica controllers that look and feel like nes and snes controllers.

        I'm yet to try one that actually feels like a NES or SNES controller, and not just some shitty NES/SNES-shaped ripoff controller.

    i'll stick to the raspberry pi system and nes/snes usb controllers that I can use on my pc just as easily. More games too!

    Post Christmas hopefully the scalping game will calm down.

    That'd be right, when I have money I can't get one, when I can get one I have no money. fuckin' murphy's law.

    The lack of communication from Nintendo is annoying to say the least. I emailed them the other week and they couldn't give any indication on when more would be out, it sounded like they had no idea if there were even going to be any more...

    When Nintendo themselves have no idea if or when they will stock something that is clearly in such high demand it is worrying. For me, I have given up on fighting time and time again to get my hands on what seems to be ridiculously limited runs of the thing. Maybe in 6 months or so i'll come back to it.

    Looks like they've exhausted their stock of 3. Maybe I'll get lucky next time.

    Ahh just buy a Raspberry Pi 3 and load Retropie... boom.. every NES game ever made.

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