The Nintendo Switch Will Cost $469.95

The Nintendo Switch Will Cost $469.95

Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo Switch will cost Australians $469.95 when it launches on March 3.

In an email after the official presentation, Nintendo announced there would be two special Zelda: Breath of the Wild bundles available.

The first comes with the games soundtrack, an A3 poster, coin, physical map, and Master Sword figure. The second, termed the Limited Collectible bundle, has the same items sans the A3 poster.

Nintendo also revealed more details about the online infrastructure, including details about a smartphone app that would be used for messaging friends.

The console will support online Wi-Fi multiplayer gaming. Nintendo also unveiled a new online subscription service that will begin with a free trial at launch. The service includes a smart-device application available in winter 2017 that will let users invite friends to play online, set play appointments, and chat with one another as the play compatible games. The fully featured paid service will be available in spring.


Nintendo reaffirmed that the Switch would support up to 8 Switch consoles in multiplayer over Wi-Fi. They also outlined that both JoyCon controllers would ship with the HD rumble functionality, while the left JoyCon controller sports a capture button for “taking instant screenshots of gameplay”.

The release did not mention the ability to record or save gameplay on the Switch, echoing indications from the conference earlier today that the Switch would not ship with such a feature at launch.

Nintendo also outlined a range of first-party games and their localised release dates, which is as follows:

  • 1-2 Switch: A series of local multiplayer party titles, 1-2 Switch would be available alongside the new Zelda on March 3.
  • ARMS: a third-person brawler, ARMS will ship “this autumn”.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: a re-release of the Wii U classic with new courses, the ability to carry two items at once, 8 player local co-op and all of the DLC, MK8 Deluxe will release on April 28.
  • Splatoon 2: As announced during the presentation, Splatoon 2 will be out in the Australian winter.
  • Super Mario Odyssey: The new 3D Mario, which features the ability to throw Mario’s cap and the ability to travel between worlds with Mario’s airship, is due out around the Christmas season.
  • Snipperclips: A game not mentioned during the conference, Snipperclips is a solo or co-operative puzzle game that will be released on the Nintendo eShop in March.

Another thing confirmed this evening was the presence of the NBA 2K series, Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls and FIFA. The release did not mention Skyrim specifically, although the game was directly quoted by Todd Howard during the Switch presentation.

As reported before, it was also reiterated that the Switch would not be region locked, allowing consumers to import third-party titles from overseas even if they are not released in Australia. The Switch can also be charged through the USB-C slot with the provided AC Adapter; it was not outlined whether the USB-C port could be used for additional functionality, like external storage or external capture devices.

For those who buy the entire package at launch, the Switch will ship with the following: the console, left and right Joy-Con controllers, a Joy-Con grip, a set of wrist straps, a Switch dock, AC adapter and a HDMI cable.

You can also see every other game announced during today’s Switch presentation, from Nintendo’s first-party developers and the third-party offerings, in our round-up.

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  • Ugh. A tad more than I was hoping for. Might still grab it at launch if I can get another fun launch game to go along with LoZ.

    • I’m surprised people think the price is high.
      A PS Vita is what, $300?
      A 3DS XL is $250, how did people think the switch was going to cost less than a pair of 3DS units?

      • the issue is not the price its the price to power ratio. no matter what nintendo say’s this is meant to be a replacement of the wii u and possibly the 3ds. with that in mind there 2 generations behind in power it’s weaker then a ps3/360. i have a $99 phablet that has a 1.5ghz octa-core processor and 7in 1080p screen that can do the same or better graphics. so the switch should not cost more then $150. there putting a serious mark up on the controllers. nintendo is dead after this just like sega and there mistakes. thankfully this will mean well get zelda and mario on other consoles.

        • So you’re telling me you can play the ubisoft game Steep on your phablet? That’s impressive! For real though, you got a source for the ‘weaker than a ps3/360’ bit? All things seem to indicate that it’s more powerful than the Wii U, which was more powerful than the ps3/360. I hope this was an innocent mistake and not just you being a dishonest hater.

        • That’s not actaully true, the switch is more powerful then the ps3/360 even the wii u is more powerful. Just Google it, fuck…

      • I agree, although I still would prefer if it was $400, plus have you seen the rumoured prices of accessories and the games themselves? It’s bullsh*t!

    • Nintendo switch includes tax $100 USA takes after not before.

      Audio a tad cheaper then cad.

  • What? How did $299USD turn to $469AUD?

    Do they realise 1TB PS4’s (which kick the Switch’s ass in every area apart from: no Ninty games, no portability) are $350?

    • Even better – while US$299 comes to AU$400, 30k Yen comes to AU$350.

      Wonder how cheap you can ship them from Japan 😛

      • Biggest issue with shipping from Japan etc is warranty. Nintendo is well known for having local only warrantys.

      • shipping to australia adds like 40 – 100 blame australia post our post cost more then any other country.

        • It’s actually about on par with Royal Mail and USPS when compared to the average wage. Shipping in Asian countries costs peanuts though.

        • A little bit of a misnomer there, you’re assuming that shipping means you’re shipping 1 single unit. You’re not. They ship in bulk. They quite literally ship tens of thousands at a time there. The cost would break down far, far further than that unless you’re specifically buying your single unit online, from overseas.

    • Yeah, but when you look at how much they’re still selling (or trying to sell) the Wii U for, this isn’t all that surprising.

      • Yeah, that was/is disgraceful. Like, this price isn’t surprising, but I hoped Nintendo would you know, try better to be good and not shit this time.

        • 1. Nintendo NEVER releases their console at a loss. Ever.
          2. People complaining about the price compared to the US price. Learn about Australias Taxation vs Americas. They tax at the register, we tax before hand. Look at import tax. Then add shipping to the country. Then also address the fact that our Dollar a yo yo hitting a pile of shit.
          3. the pro controller is NOT the same as the wii u Pro Controller. Its got motion controlls AND amiibo support. So its not the same piece of plastic.
          4. There is no GREED, This is a portable console that is running on similar specs as current NON portable consoles.
          Some of you people need to take a long hard look at yourself, as you are the epitome of the entitled gamer argument.

          • i agree with you on point 2 and 3 (1 i dont disagree, but maybe they SHOULD sell at a loss because this is expensive).
            But for point 4, from all the rumors (and some actual fact seeing as its made on some variation of the Nvidia tegra that has been used before) so far its weaker than the current (3+ year old) consoles when docked and going to be a fair bit weaker than that again when portable so its kinda incorrect to call it a portable console with xbox/ps4 power.

          • This isn’t quite true. The Wii U was the first Nintendo Console to be released at a loss. Prior to that however, all Ninty consoles were indeed sold at profit at launch, helping them rule the console market generally.

          • We won’t know that until we see the actual costs for production. Those arent made available til after launch. They very well may, but at this point in time, again, no telling.

          • 1. XB1 and PS4 *also* aren’t sold at a loss
            2. People are complaining because the price is a rip-off mostly. The Australian price is a $30 markup from the US price and $90 markup on the Japanese price – IMO that’s not *so* bad. But the US and Japanese prices are still stupid high.
            3. Sure.
            4. The closest non-portable console in terms of specs to the Switch is the Ouya ($99). Current gen home consoles are *vastly* more powerful than the Switch.

            The Switch is, in terms of hardware pretty much identical to the AUD $250 nVidia Shield – which makes no commission on games. But the Shield has a bigger battery. And more games (admitedly they are probably much worse games, but the point stands).

            Nintendo’s pricing for this console are completely at odds with what they are offering. $100 USD cheaper would mean this console had the chance to be successful (still doubtful, but possible). At this absurdly high price (for what’s on offer), the Switch is dead before it even begins.

            And that totally sucks, because I, for one, really want Nintendo to be successful. They have awesome ideas and make really fun games, but I think it’s clear by now that they can no longer make a good console.

            The Wii was a massive hit, but it sold on it’s gimmick and was clearly lightning in a bottle. It’s the only one of Nintendo’s last four consoles to be any sort of success (because the Switch definitely won’t be).

            Nintendo, just partner up with Sony or Microsoft and make your games on their platform, because that’s what you’re good at – games. This just cements the fact that you don’t know how to make consoles.

          • One thing to add though is Nintendo build high quality gear. Look at the issues Sony and Ms have had.

          • You don’t have many hardware or heat problems when your using underpowered gear from the last gen every time like Nintendo does.

          • The x1 is a brand new soc. How’s it last gen. Plus it’s a mobile soc. No point comparing it to a console. It’s not meant to be direct competitor to a console.

    • 299 is before sales tax.

      299USD currently equals 399AUD

      add 10% GST

      ~$438, that leaves only a $30 delta which isn’t so bad.

      That and PS4’s came out over 3 years ago. Of course they’re cheaper.

      • I don’t think anyone is saying it’s expensive compared to the USD price. Just that it’s expensive.

        A Tegra K1 costs 250aud with no Commission on games.

        A ps4/Xbox is cheaper with better hardware. Doesn’t matter when they released it, you’d Compare now to now.

        • I was replying to “What? How did $299USD turn to $469AUD?”

          Also PS4’s and Xbones aren’t portable. Not a like for like comparison. Better off comparing it to an Nvidia Shield or a Vita.

          All signs point to the Switch either having an X1, or a comparable CPU to the X1, which the Nvidia Shield TV with that CPU is also $299 USD

          • The nvidea shield tv with the X1 is 199 USD. As is the Tegra K1 tablet. You could buy both for around the same price as the switch lol.
            But your right, it is portable, with a horrible battery life. I don’t think it will be enough.

    • What? How did $299USD turn to $469AUD?

      USD 299.99 is currently just over AUD400

      GST is another 10% so that makes it AUD 440

      Considering the Aussie dollar has had a bit of a surge in the last few days, $449 to $469 is hardly anything to complain about.

      It is only $20 more than the US price, and considering it is a powerful console, with its own screen, and you can play two player games without having to buy a second controller, it seems like good value.

      • Powerful console? Get out, its a glorified Nvidia SHIELD, which is powered by a Tegra SOC, which whilst impressive enough for a mobile SOC, is woefully underpowered compared to even a XB1, let alone a PS4 pro.

        The more and more of the switch gets announced, the more obvious it is overpriced garbage.

          • agree let be heard. then enough people will not buy this junk and nintendo will finally build a descent console or become a software only company. hopefully the latter as 2 console companys is enough and i want to play zelda on my ps4,

        • Ah yes, classical. The day a new Nintendo machine is disclosed is the day when all Nintendo haters come out of their holes to spew the venom they’ve been saving up for a while.

          It’s only things that are beloved by a group of people that cause such a rabid, unwarranted hatred in some.

          • My first console was a NES, so there is plenty of love for Nintendo on my side, but being blunt – can we just admit that nostalgia stops us from admitting that Nintendo is a terrible company that can’t make a console to save its life and its game library has become tired rehashings almost entirely of Mario, Zelda & Pokemon, and that if it was any other company would have been laughed at and left to die the deaths they deserve by now.

          • Except that the Wii was a great, great success? Yes, you are going to reply with words like “gimmick” and “kiddy” and whatnot. Regardless, it makes your argument that they do not know how to make a console demonstrably false. In fact, through Nintendo’s history as a home console maker they have had more huge hits (4) than failures (3). And of those 3 “failures” two simply failed to be great. On the other hand, Nintendo’s record with portable consoles is impeccable, so the fact that this is, basically a portable console that can be connected to the TV is encouraging.

            It is clear that Nintendo simply doesn’t speak to you as it did back in your childhood. Zelda and Mario tire you (despite of their clearly innovative twists, and making the lists of the greatest games of their generation with very few exceptions) and you despise the “gimmicks” and new ways of play that they constantly experiment with (despite that almost every single one has gone to change the industry one way or the other. That doesn’t mean that you should crap on the thing that makes so many other people happy.

            If you think that the market can sustain THREE black or white plastic bricks sitting in front of your TV that do nothing but eating a disc and playing a game with their only differential being number of polygons and TV integration and a slew of features that are perpendicular to actual gaming, you have not been paying attention. It barely sustains two (ask Microsoft). It is important that the third competitor is a wild card that chooses not no enter the unending technical escalation, but rather, push the envelope and find a niche for itself.Who cares if it moves only 2 million units instead of 4 or 5? That’s 2 million people that enjoy something that the competitors don’t give them.

          • Gimmicks work when they are cheap. Not when they are $450.
            The Wii U for example could have worked, but at about half the price. And is why the Wii worked with its $150 entry price.

            Any other rationale you throw at it simply doesn’t match reality. Its an underpowered console, with its gimmick being portability, but with woeful battery life. That is just the height of silly product design.

          • The reason why I cannot take your doom predictions seriously is because I’ve seen them every little single time. Naysayers are especially strong when it comes to Nintendo and for decades they have been predicting the crash of Nintendo after every single hardware and major software release. Some times they’re kinda right (never to the extent of their pessimism), but most times they’re wildly wrong and more importantly, Nintendo keeps chugging along doing their thing.

            It sincerely baffles me that you and so many other people want Nintendo to take the facile and cynically corporate road of just releasing another mini-computer in a sleek case with high tech specs and call a day. I personally would mourn such day were it to happen. Something beautifully different and special would have stopped existing in the world that day and for sure, a company that finally gave up their creative vision for an easy cash bonus would have that reflected in the games they produce.

          • Again, it comes down to price and market segments. The Switch IMO would have been better targetted at replacing the 3DS, and coming with no attachments, and hitting a $300 AUD price point.

            As for the crash of Nintendo, Nin continues to exist due to mostly luck in the Japanese market.

            As for innovation, what part of this is innovative? It’s a console wanting to be a handheld, and due to a lack of power and lack of battery life, it serves neither purpose well. But being serious for a sec, have you played Xenoblade Chronicles in 4k thru Citra? The game looks freaking amazing. Thats the sort of experience we could have if Nintendo would just release something normal. Its game catalogue is strong, so why continue taking the risks with underpowered systems?

          • (replying to your message below)

            You call it “luck” in the Japanese market, I call it knowing and understanding the rather exotic Japanese market and the quirky tastes of its gamers. There is a reason why the XBox has continuously failed in Japan and it is a lack of understanding that.

            So, they have a massive Japanese following to which they can speak in their “language” plus a sizable (if not overwhelming) loyal following in the West, who “get” that language. Moreover, the Wii was the living proof that from time to time their little experiments pushing the envelope have the potential to go massive in the West as well. Why then, would they risk going the stale and “safe” XBox way, potentially losing their established userbase in Japan and the West who actually expect Nintendo consoles to be “different” just to risk entering into a direct competition with Sony without a significant hardware differential?

            And don’t kid yourself if you think that Nintendo can actually compete with Sony in their turf. Sony has huge pockets from their multi-national, multi-product corporate line to draw from for R&D plus the capability to initially sell a console at a loss. If Nintendo spent every single Yen in their arcs to make the next Nintendo console an HD powerhouse, you can bet that Sony could easily match that and sell it at an advantageous discount.

            Lastly, Nintendo famous franchises are NOT games that really benefit from huge amounts of detail, as the go for either the colourful and cartoonish or the artistically stylised, which employ their systems’ moderate grunt to produce a beautiful result in ways other than HD realism.

            Yes, third-party games such as Xenoblade (or potential many others who simply don’t exist because developers want to play with the highest quality toys) would benefit from higher specs… but would it truly be worth sacrificing what has made Nintendo (mostly) successful through decades? That’s where we disagree. The things you care for would make you say ‘yes’, and the things I care for would make me answer ‘no’. Yes, a super HD Xenoblade Chronicles X would have been nice, but if that meant removing the “gimmick” of the screen controller and preventing games like Mario Maker from existing, I wouldn’t have it.

          • Again though, you point out the Wii, which was 1/3 the price of the switch.

            If you really want to distil my argument – if you want us to pay $450 for what Nintendo themselves market as a console, it damn better be good at its primary job (being a console). It isn’t – and making a console purely for its first party library (which continues to slow on releases) just isn’t cool for something that costs so much.

            If the switch was $300, we might be having a different conversation, but at $450, its overpriced and underpowered.

          • @pylgrim Very well said. I understand people wanting Nintendo to bring out something with the latest technology (CPU/GPU) but why would that be better than what they are doing with the Switch?

            Another standard console that plays the same third party titles that the PS4 and XBOX One does would just be repeating what they did with the GameCube (not that that was a bad console in anyway). Having Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft (if they had of kept to their original vision of the XB1) all doing different things is good for gamers and the industry. I know it gets expensive buying three consoles every generation but this is an expensive hobby.

            Personally I am very happy with what Nintendo are doing with the Switch and understand why they are pricing it as they are. When you look at all the tech in the Switch (I’m not talking speed/power, I mean HD rumble, IR, motion, gyro, all in a portable form that plays more advanced games than the Wii U) the price kind of makes sense.

            I am a little disappointing with the launch lineup however Zelda should keep me going for a while and I’m sure we are going to see more announcements over the coming weeks.

            I think some people need to chill and stop trashing Nintendo at every chance they get. If the Switch is not something you care about, that’s fine. It doesn’t have to be for everyone. Same goes for the PS4 and XB1. We have three amazing companies that are making consoles and games for us and if you happen to like them all (like me) that’s great, if not, that’s fine too. Pick the one/s you like and play that, but let other people enjoy what they like also. We all love games don’t we?

          • I see to many comparisons with the ps4 and xbone, but no one realising it’s not designed to directly compete with them. It’s a hybrid portable console. There was the same hate for the ps4 and xbone on their release because they weren’t as powerful as desktop computers.

          • It does however carry a console price, and is marketed as being as such. Look, if the switch was say $300, I wouldn’t be making the argument I am, but at $450, its another ballgame.

    • Worth noting that all advertised prices in the US exclude sales taxes as they vary from state to state, so if anything you should compare with AU price minus GST.

      Edit: I need to learn to read, beaten to the punch.

    • Well USD 300 is AUD 400 with today’s exchange rate, plus another $40 for GST and then add a bit for wiggle room on exchange rates…

      You should really be looking at the EU and U.K. pricing though, since we tend to be attached there (PAL region legacy and such).

    • $299USD is about $400, then add GST and you are at $440. So yes, a $30 difference but it’s not massive compared to US pricing.

    • In the US prices do not include tax, in AU they do. The exchange rate plus state and federal taxes will bring the price within the ballpark in AU.

    • Nope.
      Price in France is €349.99 = $496 AUD
      Price in Italy is €329.99 = $467 AUD
      Price in UK is £279.99 = $455 AUD
      Price in Canada is $399.99 = $467 AUD assuming the 15% tax in Quebec (although other provinces might be cheaper)
      Price in US is $299.99 = $440 AUD assuming 10% tax.

      Australia gets a similar price as the rest of the world, and as usual the US gets it a bit cheaper.

    • Your comment inspired me to check the price of the Wii U, how the hell is it still over 400 bucks at EB?!

      Nintendo need to get their heads out of their asses.

  • Looks like my estimate of $430-$500 was pretty accurate. Had 2 pre-ordered for months (one for me, one for my son), just pre-ordered a second copy of Zelda (so we can have one each) 2 Pro Controllers (again one each) and a copy of 1-2 Switch (to share).

    will be counting the days till the 3rd.

    • You are dropping some SERIOUS coin on club Nintendo man.

      My only question for you is: how would you now feel if you’d done the same with the wii u?

      • I did buy a Wii U (though not at launch). But I s’pose if I’d dropped that much cash at launch I guess I’d be a bit disappointed that it didn’t have a very long lifespan (although Zelda is still coming out for it, so Nintendo hasn’t completely abandoned it). Some great games on the Wii U though (Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Mario 3D World, Wind Waker, Splatoon, Captain Toad etc etc).

  • They just priced me out of a purchase until there’s a price drop, sale or deal of some kind. That is too much.

    • Nintendo. Sale. Price Drop. HAHAHA. Oh Wait. You’re Serious? Let Me Laugh Even Harder! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Edit: bit too long)

        • If I remember correctly, the N64 got a decent price cut too. I do recall that those who purchased the console at launch received a free game to compensate…I got stuck with Crusin’ USA, but hey, it was free…ish :p

  • Going to be a lot of people interested in shipping prices now that we know there is no region locking.

    Edit: Xbox One/PS4 shipping from USA to AU is in the range of $40-60.

      • Unfortunately the savings would easily be eaten by shipping costs. The batteries inside it mean you cant use the super cheap options because they dont like em 😛

  • I expected $450.

    Funny how the extra $20 has made me a lot less interested. I’ll just drop the cash on the Wii U Zelda instead, seeing as that is still the only thing that I actually want after seeing the games on offer so far.

    • Yeah I’m the same.
      I was thinking even $450 would be ok but that $20 just seems to make it that bit too expensive.
      Weird how that is.

  • Fuck sake Nintendo. So goddamn close to a home run on this one and you had to get greedy.

    • Greedy, really?

      You get a console, and a HD screen to play the games on. How was it going to be any cheaper?

      • They didn’t talk graphics, means it’s less than Xbox/ps. And you know how many dollars a 720p screen costs? Approaching single digits.

        • Unless I’m mistaken though a Shield doesn’t have two removable mini wi-fi controllers with rumble motors, accelerometers/gyroscopes and NFC/IR sensors – granted I find 90% of that to be completely useless personally but it is still a lot of tech that factors into the price difference, not just Ninty being greedy.

          • Plus the shield uses the k1 chip not the x1 used in the switch. In raw grunt (flops) it’s around twice as fast. Plus maxwell based GPU so the graphic performance is higher as well.

      • I’m talking specifically about the “Australia Tax” added on to the console’s price. $299 is a perfect price for America, $399 makes 100% sense based on conversion rates here.

          • I would have liked $450 mind you, but in the long run it’s only $20. I think it being region free opens up the doors for much more savings moving forward.

        • America puts tax on their items too. Only difference is they do so when you go to pay at the register.

          What does this mean? It means that the USD $299 price is before tax. Taxes vary a lot state by state [as there are state taxes on top of federal!], but lets for the sake of the argument put it at 10% tax. This bring the price to USD $330. At current exchange rates [which are up and down like a yoyo at the moment], this comes out at AUD $446.

          Are you really that angry over an AUD $33 dollar difference? Would you really prefer to have the USA’s taxation and social structures for the sake of saving $33 on a luxury consumer appliance?

          Regardless, it’s been said a bunch before, but forex rates are in no way indicative of the state of a domestic economy. Sure, we pay an extra 10% on the purchase price of a console, but I can tell you that almost certainly the average wage in Australia is much more than 10% higher than the USA.

  • I think they are screwing this up. That’s way too expensive to be competitive. The only must purchase apps are Mario and Zelda. The online service sounds terrible. The additional controlliare way over priced.

    We bought 2DS’s for the kids for $140 and it was great. There’s no way we can replace them with a Switch.

    I absolutely loved the Wii U, but I don’t think I can support this at launch.

      • That may be so, but I just thought I’d let everyone know in case anyone was interested.

      • I wonder if I can just use my Wii U pro controller. They’re pretty good with backwards compatibility on hardware normally

          • What? The Wii supported all the GameCube controllers, and the Wii U supported all the Wii controllers. There’s no reason to necessarily think the Switch won’t support any Wii U controllers.

          • The Switch pro controller and the Wii U pro controller aren’t the same. The Switch one has motion controls.

          • Never said they were the same?

            Also literally right below in another post I said just that to someone else 😛

      • Not entirely. This one seems to include the motion sensors, which the Wii U Pro did not. Also wondering whether it includes that IR motion camera too.

      • Yes, but even if there were 15 launch titles would anybody seriously be playing anything but Zelda?

        • Variety is the spice of life. Not everyone will buy BOTW, however small that number may be. I’d prefer there to be another solid 1st party title releasing alongside BOTW, that would guarantee a launch day purchase for me.

          As it stands I’m going to wait a couple of months after launch and see how this pans out. I can see initial console sales being mediocre before picking up during Christmas when the Mario title drops.

          • My comment was kind of tongue in cheek. I know I’ll love Zelda, but it won’t be for everyone. I agree they should’ve launched with another big 1st party title. They’re really limiting their initial sales numbers by having such a small launch library.

          • Ah, my mistake, text doesn’t really convey tone of speech 🙂

            Yeah I think they’ll have some growing pains in the beginning for sure. If I were to buy this on launch day I could see myself walking out the shop with the Switch, BOTW and maybe 1 2 switch since it reminds me a little of Warioware mini games.

            As it stands I think I’ll pick up the BOTW master edition and get the switch after Mario kart 8 deluxe comes out. Looks like they’ve fixed the battle stage issues that they had with the Wii U version.

        • That’s not a good reason for so few titles. At least 8 would be more like it. Or 6. How long have they been planning this thing if they have almost nothing ready to go for it?

        • As someone that loved his N64, I wouldn’t say it “did great”. In many ways it failed and was where Nintendo saw a mass exodus of third party developers the likes of which they haven’t won back.

          Great console but it had issues and the months following the launch was remembered by many as a drought.

          • OK from the 90’s
            Sega mega drive 90 (pal)
            Sega Saturn 94
            Sega dream cast 99
            Nintendo snes 92 (pal)
            Nintendo 64 96
            Snk neogeo aes 90
            Snk neogeo cd 94
            Snk hyper neogeo 64 97
            Sony Playstation 94
            Phillips cdi 91
            Atari jaguar 93
            3do 93
            Turbo graphix 90
            Pioneer laser active 93

            Those are just the ones I could think of off the top on my head then checked the dates. I’m sure there’s some I’ve missed.

          • Nice work man! Impressed!

            I don’t know about you though but I was gaming back then and when the N64 came out it felt like the only options were really that, a Playstation or a Saturn.

            You’d be upgrading FROM a SNES or a mega drive so they weren’t competition. All the others you mentioned, yeah they existed but they weren’t mainstream at all. I never even met anyone who had a Neo Geo. They were really expensive.

  • Nintendo thinks that the Wii U wasn’t a bad enough of a failure, so they’re ramming the point home with the Switch.

    Nintendo driving themselves to console hardware extinction just got a step closer.

    • Heh. Haters have been predicting the death of Nintendo as a hardware developer since the Gamecube days. Keep on hatin’ my dude, we’ll keep on gaming and enjoying the hell out of it.

  • $470 console
    $100 controller
    $90 games

    I’m going to sit back and wait for a better bundle deal to come along or wait for the price drop in a year or two and then backlog the games I missed.

    • Not til it comes down a little.

      You’re joking right? You realize this is Nintendo we’re talking about?

    • Same here. After being burned with the Wii U and spending most of its life as a Wii emulator for myself I’m not going down that path again.

      If they bring it down to $200 with a game (say Zelda) then they have a deal. But that price is insulting.

    • Wait for the toy sales. They happen halfway through the year. Big W and Target tend to drop the price of their consoles, or bundle them with 3 games for a little bit more. EBGames and JB will have deals to try and compete.
      Not to mention, it’s usually 6 month layby at Target and Big W

      • If they end up with a deal, say 2 games and the console, (which usually does happen?) I will definitely consider it, that’s not a bad deal. That equals out to around say, 300 + 2 games. At which point, I always buy 2 games with a new console anyhow (stops boredom 😉 at least you can swap the single game out).

    • Yeah, pretty much. I’ve already got a PS4 Pro and a powerful PC, so I’m covered for most multiplatform games. I really, really want to play Breath of the Wild, but given it’s the only game I want to play, I can’t justify $560 to play one game. Maybe when/if they do a bundle with the console, BotW and a Pro controller or something.

  • Scorpio is coming out soon. They could cause PS4 Pro price drop near this level. Games excluded, and handheld, no one in their right mind would buy this over Scorpio/Pro.

    Someone remind me why they are pulling a WiiU2.0?

    • To me it’s about how much fun you have with it, not the power under the hood. I already have an Xbone, so why would I buy version 1.1. I think the Switch looks like a lot of fun, and has a lot of potential, granted the library is severely lacking from the getgo, but I’m sure it won’t take too long to build a sizeable library of awesome games

        • Plenty to like on the Wii U, unless you don’t like any of their first party IP’s. In which case I would say that the Switch is not for you.

          • I have a Wii U man. Bought it at launch. That’s why i’m so down on it. I think it was a great console just totally let down by massive mismanagement. We needed more games. Full stop. There’s not ‘plenty to like’. I also have a PS4. You can’t even compare the selection. And I’m not picky, I’m happy to play old SNES titles. There’s hardly any there.

            Great console. I play it every day. Just 15mins of mario or something like that. But it needed more support from Nintendo.

          • This definitely was the problem, the Wii U needed far more first party support. It felt unusual that Ninty didn’t support it more :\

          • I have a Wii U, that gets 0 use. I own Smash Brothers (not as good as predecessors), Mario Kart 8 (probably best game on Wii U but got tiresome after a month or so), Splatoon (boring garbage, not sure why people like this), Mario Maker (LBP ruined this game for me, came out several years too late imo) and one or 2 others I cant remember. I actually regret buying the thing.

            I know I’m not making that mistake again. The Switch looks like a glorified gaming tablet with a controller. And absolutely nothing they showed off looks like its worth bothering with at launch.

          • That’s your opinion, and hey, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but I know I’ll be enjoying the hell out of it.

          • When you think that a game is “boring garbage” and it’s the thousands of people who greatly enjoy it the ones in the wrong, I think you may have a problem. Maybe Nintendo games just don’t speak to you that well? I mean, getting bored of Mario Kart after a month?

          • Tbf I played MK8 all of twice (great spend that one) and never touched it again, I’d give him that one. But Splatoon on the other hand? Dude’s crazy 😛

          • I never said anyone was wrong for liking Splatoon. What I was saying was, I feel like the Wii U was a disappointment for me because the games I purchased for it were at best good, at worst boring garbage. If you like it, then fucking have fun with it, I dont care. Mario Kart was probably the best game they put out on the system, but it needs to be played multiplayer to have fun with imo. I dont have time or enough friends who own it to play splitscreen, and if online would even connect for me properly, there is no banter outside of the silly emotes Ninty chucked in. You dont interact with people, you just race, so it’s basically just the same as AI racing.

            Some of my favourite games of all time are Nintendo games. I own a 3DS and love the shit out of it. I love Fire Emblem, Smash Brothers Melee is in my top 10 of all time. So dont try and tell me what you think my opinion is or should be.

          • Note that it was not intended to be an insult or a look down on your taste. People change and so do their tastes. I was merely suggesting that if your opinion differs from the majority, it means that you’re an outlier. And that’s not a bad thing, it merely means that the game is not speaking to you.

      • I agree. I just don’t think you and that demographic makes up enough of the console purchase market.

        • Yes, Nintendo are definitely not doing themselves any favours by having such a small library of launch games. Sure Zelda will sell a bunch of consoles, but it will definitely have a very slow start.

          I think sales probably won’t start picking up until at least the end of the year when Mario: Odyssey comes out.

      • Yeah, as a PS4 owner I’d probably be more likely to buy a Switch rather than just upgrade to a Pro.

        The problem is that this price point is way too high for the Switch to be that “second console” that the Wii was for a lot of people.

        • Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the launch price for the Wii $400AUD? Granted it came with a game (Wii Sports), but it didn’t have it’s own screen, and you most definitely couldn’t take it with you and continue playing. Furthermore, the Xbone and PS4 were $600AUD and $550AUD respectively at their launches. I really don’t see what the big deal is.

          • The big deal is that the console is $470 and is significantly less powerful than consoles that can be readily picked up for $300. I wouldn’t include the wii price in this, because wii sports was probably a once a decade phenomenon.

          • Yeah, the PS4 and Xbone are more powerful, and can be picked up cheaper, but not by that much. You can only get one for around $300 if you’re buying second hand, brand new they’re around the $400 mark. Also, they’ve been out for a few years, so of course they’d be cheaper than a new console. the Switch is a NEW console, with NEW tech and is completely different from the other two. If you’re after pure grunt then yeah, obviously the switch isn’t for you, but to me gameplay is king and the Switch looks like a lot of fun.

          • I bought my PS4 brand new for $300 about a year ago. It’s not that uncommon for the price to dip that low. However, your argument about it being NEW is a total moot point – the console is new, the tech just isn’t. In fact, its basically a Tegra with a dock, which costs about $280 AUD. Being new doesn’t magically make this thing a good buy compared to other products, if older cheaper products outperform it.

            I can’t argue with what you think looks fun. I agree with you, its the games that matter at the end of the day. Personally, I think this was a total bust. I assumed that because Nintendo has released hardly anything for the wii u for last two years, they must have been focusing on this launch. I’m just not seeing that. The new Zelda looks good. There’s a new Mario coming and a new Xenoblade at some point. However, I skeptical they’ll be out this year let alone the launch period. The rest was over priced old games and waggle shit that the market has moved on from. To be honest, I’ll probably still buy a switch at some point, but I’m not exactly going to rush out for one.

            Edit: Forgot about Splatoon 2. To be fair, that will probably be well received too.

          • The differences in the k1 chip in the shield and the x1 chip in the switch are pretty massive. In simplest terms both cpu and GPU performance are about double.

  • It will be like the Wii and the WiiU.

    Everyone will talk about how good they are and how they’ll get one…soon.

    And they never will.

  • 1. Nintendo NEVER releases their console at a loss. Ever.
    2. People complaining about the price compared to the US price. Learn about Australias Taxation vs Americas. They tax at the register, we tax before hand. Look at import tax. Then add shipping to the country. Then also address the fact that our Dollar is a yo yo hitting a pile of shit.
    3. the pro controller is NOT the same as the wii u Pro Controller. Its got motion controls AND amiibo support. So its not the same piece of plastic.
    4. There is no GREED, This is a portable console that is running on similar specs as current NON portable consoles.
    Some of you people need to take a long hard look at yourself, as you are the epitome of the entitled gamer argument.

    • No one’s feeling entitled here. Maybe the hardcore Nintendo fanboys who are lamenting the high price.

      Everyone else is just comparing the console to the competition.

      • Well you are, with the “Games excluded, and handheld, no one in their right mind would buy this over Scorpio/Pro. ” quote.
        And the constant comparison to the other consoles of this generation.
        But just like YOU did, people have complained about the AUD price compared to the American without knowing all the facts. People have complained about Nintendo being greedy. Complain about the console not being ‘competitive’ in pricing COMPARED THE F’n 2DS OF ALL THINGS.
        Screw reality and facts, you feel something should be one way and complain its not that.
        I hate how many times this news organization has gone on about gamer entitlement with game endings and other BS.
        But theres no other word for this but, Entitlement.
        Now in saying that, the people on here are no way AS BAD as the people on the EBgames facebook complaining that the console isnt $300 AUD. Because they dont want to pay more than $300 AUD.
        God knows i wish the console was cheaper, but the moment the US price was $300 BEFORE tax. The console was going to be $450-$500 with the current exchange rate and taxes.

        • Legit though, what’s your point. Ours is that $469 is insane and $299USD in USA is high.

          No idea what you’re ranting about us lying about facts, when we use facts. Yeah m8, I know about tax rates.

          I mean Nintendo could release it at $800. Cool. That’s the only place to buy Nintendo games, seems that’s the entry fee. Are we ‘entitled’ or crazy for saying “damn bro $800 seems like a lot when I can buy a PS4/Xbone that plays games for cheaper”.

          This is a gaming publication posting details of electronics in a gaming market. There’s a ‘console’ category. They give us detailed reviews and specs and tear downs. We’re buying disposable shit to entertain us, not works of art that are technically priceless.

          • I dont see that $469 is INSANE for this. I really dont. For what the console could possibly provide. That price point is fair to me.
            Not every hardware manufacturer should sell their console at a loss because Sony and Microsoft are willing to.
            You complained on how does $299US = $469AUD. For someone who “knows about tax rates” Then why did you complain on the price discrepancy?
            So now you ARE just straight up lying about facts.
            Now you get into a BS argument because ive called you on your BS entitlement on consoles being a certain price YOU DEEM acceptable.
            There is no “damn bro $800 seems like a lot when I can buy a PS4/Xbone that plays games for cheaper” There is “Games excluded, and handheld, no one in their right mind would buy this over Scorpio/Pro.” There is constant complaints BY YOU that this console isnt cheaper because of the PS4 or Xbone Price points, and because Scorpio and Pro are coming, because of the US price point. Complaining about the Pro controllers without knowing the facts that they ARENT the same.
            Yes. This is a gaming publication. Consoles ARE built to entertain us.
            But they arent subject to your whims and expectations that have no basis in facts nor reality.

          • You complained on how does $299US = $469AUD. For someone who “knows about tax rates” Then why did you complain on the price discrepancy?
            So now you ARE just straight up lying about facts.

            Are you kidding me? How has anyone shown that it equals $469? $440, yeah, but not $469. And you now call me a liar. Laughable.

            Since your entire mentality is that I can’t deem $469 and $299 to be unacceptable, then discussing anything with you is a moot point. Since no one can say what price is acceptable. Right? Right? Go have dinner and a beer ffs.

          • $40 is GST only. Then you have to remember the cost of living differences between Australia and the US. The current minimum wage here is 10.38 vs US $7.25
            Then you have to address the Shipping costs with Japan and Australia vs Japan and USA.

            You can deem those price points as unacceptable as i can deem the acceptable. the problem being is that you are basing their acceptable nature on a consoles 3 years old, that are sold at a loss. Something that has made either company need to sell ALOT of games and ALOT of consoles when the manufacturing gets cheaper to turn a profit, Where Nintendo can make a profit of a ‘Not very good’ Console like the Wii u.
            Nintendo have always marched to the beat of their own drum. You expecting otherwise and deeming it unacceptable, is entitlement.

            Edit: You can have the beer. I prefer the Green.

          • First off you missed his point, he said that accounting for the GST there’s still a roughly $30 difference. It’s not a lot, but when you already think it’s overpriced it’s easy to see as a dealbreaker.

            But I’m actually commenting because of your minimum wage argument, because it’s one I hate. While there’s a very slight difference in cost due to stocking at retail, it’s nearly negligible to a company creating an RRP. They do like that argument though because countries with a higher minimum wage have more wealth and can afford more, so companies can gouge to their hearts content.

            That’s what people complain about when they complain about the Australia tax, so using it as an argument for why we should accept higher prices is a bit rich.

      • Most Nintendo “fanboys” I see in the thread are happy or at least willing to pay the price? The ones complaining are the ones who were ambivalent or the straight out haters.

      • I’m sorry but I have to disagree most strongly with your point. m2d2 definitely feels entitled and thinks that moaning will make us all see the inescapable logic of a lonely nerd

    • 4. There is no GREED, This is a portable console that is running on similar specs as current NON portable consoles
      720p 30fps, 32gb onboard flash memory… Do these sound like the “similar specs as current consoles” to you? Sounds like a slightly upgraded Wii U to me, and at a generation behind the current consoles.

  • As it stands it’s a pass for me, I’ll give it a year or two and see how well it does and if 3rd party support sticks around that long. If so then I’ll grab one in 2019 I guess.

  • Hey everyone: all the info I’ve got should be in there now. Sorry if there was some weird formatting or quirks here or there. Was out having dinner when the email came through, and did it all on my phone initially. (And then didn’t have reception because of course the building I was in was like that)

    If there’s anything else broken or out of place please ping me (here, Twitter, email, don’t care) and I’ll fix it up.

    • Sorry, but that’s just not good enough.

      Who the hell do you think you are, doing things like eating. Priorities man.

    • Yeah, I’m getting giganto-images in Firefox although for some reason it turns up normal when I click through to page two of comments.

      • Yeah, I just opened it up on Firefox at home and got a enlarged picture of Arnie giving me the thumbs up.

        I mean I’m OK with that, don’t get me wrong, but I’m letting the dev team know.

    • Hi Alex. Nice article, but I spotted a pretty glaring error – it says that the Switch will be $469! That doesn’t sound right – can you please fix it? 😛

  • If Nintendo would just release a fucking console like Sony & Microsoft, it’d have the first party library to beat the other two into submission.

    Instead it releases an overpriced handheld badly masquerading as a console.

    $300 and under and I would have said the Switch was a good deal, but more expensive than comparatively four times more powerful PS4? Pass.

    • I don’t understand why they won’t do this. A powerful console running 1080P, 60FPS versions of Mario Kart, Zelda and Metroid would make all the money.

        • You pretty much just answered why too. They tried doing a ‘standard’ console, it was called the Gamecube and got obliterated even with it’s wonderful first party IP. Then they went wacky with the Wii (and DS) and made crazy money.
          Think it’s safe to say, love it or hate it, Nintendo being wierd is here to stay.

          Edit: Don’t jump on me for badmouthing the Gamecube, I’m talking pure sales, it was destroyed.

          • Sad but true, however I stopped buying Nintendo consoles when they went down the gimmick route, and while I have a 3ds I have it in spite of the 3d rather than because of it.

          • I don’t know if the Gamecube was a ‘standard’ console. It was still a bit gimicky with the mini dvds and that the small purple box and the multi coloured controller made it looks like a childs toy. At least that was the 18 year old me thought when it was released so I never purchased it and missed out on playing some awesome games until years later.

          • GC was destroyed because it was gimicky – rather than using normal DVD’s like everyone else (and cashing in on the ‘it plays DVD’s as well market’) – it used those ridiculous mini dvd’s which meant game devs had 1/4 the amount of space to play with, and no one could use it to play dvd’s. Again, its Nintendo being different for absolutely no reason :(.

          • Absolutely no reason?
            Yeah, It wasnt because the DVDs and CD of that era were so goddamn easy to make illegal copies of. No. It was a gimmick.
            Youre like a broken record screaming about gimmicks.
            None of you can face facts that Nintendo releasing a console that does the exact same thing as sony or microsoft is never going to happen. They tried releasing a console with the best graphics of the generation with great games and it did nothing cause people like you whinged it didnt play dvd’s.
            Of all the things to fucking whinge about and scream gimmick. FFS.

          • And yet the PS2 is the largest selling console of all time. And you fail to mention the gamecube launched in 2002, 2 years after the PS2, and launched a year after the Xbox, which was more powerful than the GC. Best graphics of its generation my ass. So really, nice fanboi argument you have there. The fact of the matter is, that in the last 2 decades, Nintendo has found its success with.

            A: Its handhelds, B: with a normal fullpower console (the N64), and C: A gimmick that was cheap enough to mass purchase (the Wii). Instead, its cannibalising its own handheld market with a console thats more expensive than either competing consoles, and doesn’t operate that well as a handheld if its 2 1/2 hours of battery life is to be believed.

          • The gamecube had the better specs compared to the PS2, It did not matter in the slightest.
            The Xbox was also murder weapon, it needed to be to have the power in it.
            But you conveniently skipped the issue of “no reason”. What a surprise.
            You give me shit for fanboy, Rather be a fan of something than a hater like you that has no grasp on reality.

          • Nintendo being weird may not be around for as long as we might hope. Im predicting that this is it for them and if the switch is not successful then they will relegate themselves to the mobile phone space. Their recent entries in the mobile market have me convinced they are testing their exit strategy for this very reason.

    • Nintendo are just playing the cards in front of them, frankly.

      Microsoft and Sony already have the high-powered home-console market done and dusted. There isn’t room for a third player in that game. Maybe they have a chance with their first party IP, sure. But third party support will fall into a heap. There’s only a fixed number of potential customers in that market [which is saturated]. And even if you mange to lure some of them over with the Nintendo IP, it won’t translate to more sales for third party games. So, you’ve got those developers having to spend the money to support another platform, for the exact same number of sales.

      Nintendo has the portable market, no competition [the Vita is a great device, but sales wise it’s not contest]. But they can also see that’s being eaten away by the mobile market. There’s arguably no room in the market for another dedicated handheld generation. So, what can they do?

      The switch is just that. I’ve never been into many of the Nintendo IPs [mario, zelda etc], but I do enjoy many of the games. I LOVE pokemon, but I’ve never been able to justify getting a 3DS for it. If I could have a system I could play at home with family and friends on the TV, then take with me on the commute to work, this is exactly the thing I would love to have.

      • I actually completely disagree. They continue to be different and risk their company every time. Gamecube, flop (because of mini dvd issue), Wii, success, but mostly because it was a cut price novelty, Wii U, mega failure due to underpowered hardware and overpriced gamepad thing, and now they release a console that is massively underpowered, overpriced, and competing against their own successful handheld division, which continues to sell strong inspite of mobile competition.

        In a world where AMD SOC’s rule the roost, and time to market with such a system is almost null as AMD can give you a ‘console in a box’ with almost no hardware dev from yourself, Nintendo is taking risks absolutely needlessly.

          • Consistent? It was losing money on average until 2015. Sony’s game division is quite healthy profit wise, and as we all know, MS’s is going down the drain, but MS can take the hit for the wider platform.

          • On average? It had TWO yearly loss in its decades of operation(2012/2013) and can run at losses for decades. Sony is losing money in EVERY other department. Last year was the first year in 3 that they actually made a yearly profit. and the 2016/2017 year is going to take a massive hit due to the mobile tanking even harder, sony pictures having a very poor run as well as sony Music and the electronics arm doing poorly. If it wasnt for the video game arm and the financial arm(which ill admit right now, i didnt even know Sony had an financial arm.)
            Sony however in the last 8 years. Has run more losses than gains in those years.
            Do you know how averages work?

          • You might want to check there yearly revenues and profits for the last 5 years. The only thing consistent about it is the downward trend.

          • As far as im aware the only thing keeping them afloat was handhelds and the handheld market is being eroded more and more each year by phones. Dont get me wrong, i wish it were different, but the writings on the wall if you ask me.

  • Whole bunch more stuff added to the EB site. mainly just a bunch of games that don’t have release dates as well as controller straps and a wheel accessory.

    • Hopefully by tomorrow morning there will be more launch titles announced. I doubt the thing would launch with three games. That is N64 levels of crazy.

    • Preordered. Hate myself 😛

      Really wish there was a special edition for the Wii U version though, would rather get that.

  • Sorry big N, I’ve purchased every console you’ve released, but this is the end.

    Overpriced and all I want is Zelda, sad but Nintendo is dead to me, I’ll just play botw on wii u

  • Yeah I agree with what others have said here.
    I was really looking forward to this but it’s just priced to high for me.
    Especially when there are so few launch titles.
    Will revisit at the end of the year when there are more games and maybe a good bundle or two.

  • Pass.

    I wasted $ on the WiiU, I’ll save myself the cash here. Nothing remotely interesting on offer.

  • ebgames pricing shows
    $119.95 Controllers – $129.95 Dock – $39.95 Grip = $180.10 for the Tablet.
    Makes an interesting breakdown.

    OMG They have a plastic wheel 😛
    Interesting they place holder the games at $99.95… but the looks like the release day titles are 69.95 to 89.95. Still seems a bit pricey for games if they want engagement and encourage indie developers I would of suggested a lower price point on full titles, would of expected a more rounded price with region-free.

    • looks like the release day titles are 69.95 to 89.95. Still seems a bit pricey for gamesIsn’t that just standard retail game price? Seriously, everyone says how expensive they are but that’s the same prices you get across all the consoles. And let’s not forget the good ol’ $119 price point of them fancy HD gaems back in the day, on the 360 and PS3.

  • Wow. I am blown away by all the negative comments. It is priced higher than I would like, but it is a brand new console. Regardless of specs, I will keep my preorder, add Zelda + one other title that is NOT 1,2 Switch.

    I thought this would have gone over well with gamers. Clearly I was wrong.

    • I don’t get it either. Hater’s gonna hate. Oh well, they’ll miss out while we’re having all the fun.

      • I don’t think it’s a case of “haters gonna hate”. From what I’m reading here, people want to support the console but they either got burned by the Wii U and are cautious about buying another Nintendo console, or people are annoyed that Nintendo is charging such a high price for something that is more powerful than a 3DS yet less powerful than a PS3 or 360.

        People are just skeptical about this, and they have the right to be. It’s not being a “hater”, it’s being a cautious consumer.

        • I think the specs are fine. They have shown me what the games look like. I am happy. I will get a Scorpio if I want raw power.

          The WiiU was the first Nintendo home console I didn’t buy. Somehow it just gave me bad vibes as though it really was a gimmicky piece of monkey turd (which by many accounts it was).

          However the Switch has me super pumped.

          • Somehow it just gave me bad vibes as though it really was a gimmicky piece of monkey turd

            This is exactly what a lot of people think right now about the Switch. (not me)

          • Well the majority win here. I am super unimpressed with having to fork out potentially hundreds of dollars for large micro sd cards. Only to have them corrupt on me like my phone one managed to.

            My preorder is in limbo right now without more information.

      • Naw, it’s more ambivalent majority vs loving minority. E.g. you – the console is priced higher than you expected, yet you’re still buying two of everything. For you, Nintendo games trump anything else.

        Everyone else is lamenting the high price and game selection, as it pairs with: history, specs, competition.

        And I firmly believe the ambivalent people are who decide the console success. Source: WiiU. Source: Xbone struggling vs PS4.

        • However I wasn’t loving enough to fall for the WiiU disaster. I saw through their marketing at exactly how flawed it was.

    • I think a few people are feeling a bit burned by the general lack of support the Wii U got. I suspect alot of the people hating on it now will be keeping a close watch on it and if it does look like it will be a proper console rather than simply an extra with a couple good games I’m sure people will buy it,

    • I know, I’m genuinely surprised. I am in no way a Nintendo fan-boy, but I watched the stream and was blown away. I was thinking, ‘man the internet is going to be crazy hype about this’, then I come on here and Reddit, and people are just dumping on it.

      It’s like people will only accept the Nintndo equivalent of a portable high-end PC with 100 hours battery life, free online gaming with 15 free games each month, and for it to cost AUD $100 as a bundle with Mario, Zelda and a new Metroid incuded.

      • Some of the problem could be the console overall is average. That’s not nessisarily a bad thing, but after the wiiu a lot of people may have been hoping for a big comeback, something that would shake the gaming world. The switch looks like a decent piece of gear but it ain’t a ground breaking piece of gear.

  • Despite the price, we are definitely getting one. But will be waiting to see what else is announced before march 3 to decide whether or not it’s getting bought at launch. So far so good, but will see.

  • Wow, so much sooking. Day 1 bby. Think about how many hours you play a console for? And this is portable too! Get some perspective, no ones making you buy anything.

  • Any word on the media? Confirmed going back to cartridges? I haven’t watched through the presentation.

  • The amount of people not planning to get it to begin with and already shit talking about the console is so high that I’m literally laughing my ass off.

    You guys did not see the amount of hype Switch is generating. Not understanding the amount of innovation that was put into the entire Switch.

    For what the entire switch console provide, their pricepoint is excellent.

    Looking at the suggested RRP of the accessories which is part of the Switch console:

    Switch Dock – $130
    Switch Grip – $40
    Joy-Con pair – $120
    Total – $290

    Xbox One launch price is $599. Comes with Console, Kinect, Controller that requires AA battery.
    PS4 launch price was $550, Comes with Console and controller.

    And yet many of you guys here bought them with no complaints but somehow when the Switch is bundled up with so many accessories and hardware that it suddenly seemed too expensive and it is doomed to fail.

    • Yeah I love the logic that seems to come up with these reveals. “This ~$400 Nintendo is too expensive. They should make it a ~$600+ machine instead!”

    • AUD460+ does seem expensive at first, but as mentioned you do have to consider the peripherals bundled with the device. Those joy-con would add significant cost.. and launch HW is generally priced above existing market competitors. The X1 and PS4 are over 3 yrs old and in various states of HW iteration allowing improved scales of economy and production cost reductions.. a comparison that looks makes the Switch appear expensive at first is not necessarily an equal one.

      As to the device itself, Nintendo’s minimal detail on specs, though somewhat traditional, and short list of launch titles is a concern. Despite Nintendo’s emphasis of a healthy amount of titles at launch and beyond was seen as crucial to the Switch’s success, it’s looking as if they will deliver, at least at launch.

      It is not 2007. Motion controls and casual console gaming will not move 100 million units, despite a tablet/ portable form factor. Nintendo’s insistence for innovation on every HW release in recent times adds cost and comes at the expensive of truly competitive processing power. I’m yet to be convinced that the Switch has what it takes to be an overwhelming success.

    • The console bundle might be less than what the PS4/XBO at launch, but there’s a lot of trickery going on. For example, the Switch doesn’t come with its usual tech demo game disc, and the Grip in the bundle doesn’t charge the Joy-Cons at all.

      So to get a “full experience” out the gate you need:
      Console bundle – $470
      Extra Joy-Con set – $120
      2x Joy-Con Grips that charge – $80
      2x Classic Controllers – $200
      1-2-Switch – $70
      Zelda – $90
      Online eShop games – $50

      So all up, you’re looking at $1080 for a 2 person set up. $810 for a single player set up. Even if you didn’t get all the fancy extra controllers and stuff, a minimum of $630 (console + the 2 confirmed launch titles) is still pretty high for something that’s not as good as PS3/360 era hardware.

    • Remember the ps4 came off the back of the ps3.
      The Xbox one came after the Xbox 360.
      The switch comes off the back off the wiiu.
      People knew the ps4 and Xbox one would be good with lots of games justifying the price. The switch……

  • The launch announcement is a complete disaster.

    I thought disaster of No Mans Sky wouldn’t be topped but it has nothing on the Switch.

    I started playing ocarina of Time, my favourite game ever, for the 16th time 3 days ago….how The mighty have fallen in a cesspool of their own contempt for gamers and delusions of their own invented grandeur.

  • No thanks. I’ll just get Zelda on the Wii U if its any good.

    Enjoy playing 1, 2 Switch and Arms lol.

  • Ew.
    Gonna wait for an enormous price drop.
    It’s overpriced for its power and its third party support will be limited due to its specs so we’ll be stuck with the usual rubbish Nintendo games.
    The Zelda looks interesting tho.

  • I’ll wait until I there’s some kind of Nintendo Switch Slim or NEW Nintendo Switch.

    By the time that happens the game library and pricing should look more appealing.

  • $469 for a Nintendo Switch is less than the cost for a PS4 and for the PlayStation VR and my answer is yes it’s still good value for money even the new release games for the Nintendo Switch at $90 are good value as well the games I am looking forward to getting are The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 1-2 Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with new characters from Splatoon along with the return of King Boo and Bowser Jr ARMS the brand new fighting game for the Switch Super Mario Odyssey where Mario is travelling through time and space in order to stop Bowser and his royal wedding with Princess Peach I’d definitely get the Nintendo Switch with two Joy Con controllers in Blue and Neon Red.

  • I was eagerly anticipating this console until the reveal. Price point too high, not enough games and the manner in which they are managing the online component are all big detractors to what could have been a great console. Look forward to nintendo becoming a mobile app producer because thats whats going to happen. I doubt they will ever allow mario on PS4 or Xbone.

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