The Romero Family’s Game About A Taco Truck Appears On Steam

John Romero made his name on DOOM and Quake. Brenda Romero made her name on Dungeons & Dragons and the Wizardry series. They’re big names, not franchises to be sneezed at.

But their new game is about a taco truck. And John and Brenda aren’t the masterminds – it’s their son, Donovan.

The first title from Romero Games, based out of Ireland and started up in late 2015, popped up on Steam’s greenlight program this morning. It’s called Gunman Taco Truck, and it’s about driving a taco truck to Canada to feed survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

Why a taco truck? Because apparently there aren’t any taco trucks in Canada, and so it’s a great business opportunity. You shoot zombies along the way, collecting meat which you then sell back to survivors in the form of tacos.

Of course, if it sounds a bit far from DOOM, there’s a good reason. Gunman Taco Truck is actually the brainchild of Donovan Romero-Brathwaite, Brenda’s son and John’s step-son. It came out during “a regular coding session” between Donovan and the legendary DOOM designer.

According to the game website, the core idea was about saving the family business. Any proceeds from the game, according to a Venturebeat interview with John, will go towards Donovan’s college fund.

It sounds like a big mashup of genres: a bit of Cook, Serve, Delicious, a little bit of a side-scrolling action shooter, a touch of survival strategy, with a healthy dose of nostalgia for good measure.

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