The Switch’s Launch Lineup Is Getting Beefier

The Switch’s Launch Lineup Is Getting Beefier

World of Goo

The Nintendo Switch’s launch lineup was initially a disappointment for people who wanted more than five launch titles. Nintendo fans were complaining that, in fact, the only “real” launch title for the Switch is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It makes sense — the Wii U, Wii and 3DS all launched with more.

Weeks after the Switch’s January 12th press event, the lineup is looking a bit more flush. Just today, three more ports were added.

As of January 13th, the Switch’s launch lineup was:

  • 1, 2 Switch
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Just Dance 2017
  • Super Bomberman R
  • Skylanders: Imaginators

But in the subsequent weeks, these were added (the last 3 today!):

  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
  • I Am Setsuna
  • Human Resource Machine
  • Little Inferno
  • World of Goo

So, yeah, more games may still be announced in time for launch — maybe not enough to match the Wii U’s initial 32 or the 3DS’s 18. But some more. Hopefully.

I’d say the slow trickle of announcements is a bad move for Nintendo if they’re hoping to generate hype for the console, but GameStop and Amazon’s first batch of allotments sold like hotcakes. Ideally, though, the final launch lineup’s port-to-original title ratio will be better than what we’re currently seeing.

[Correction — 7:00 PM]: An earlier version of the piece incorrectly referred to Human Resource Machine. The correct spelling has been included.


  • World of Goo? Really? A game released in 2008 on the Wii. Who would seriously buy this, especially considering you can get, and which hasnt been updated since 2013 on you phone. I wonder what the launch price for it will be?

    • People who buy a Switch and haven’t played World of Goo before, that’s who’d be likely to buy it.

      • and those who buy a switch and haven’t played world of goo in years* gotta inject that beauty juice directly into her forehead

    • Oh thank GOODNESS WoG is part of the release. I thought the Switch would flop without an excellent games lineup, but WoG just saved the day. We don’t need any new games for the rest of the year, we’re all fine.

  • I’m calling it, Switch will fail. I don’t want it to, really, but nothing presented so far is filling me with optimism, from both a hardware and software perspective.

    • Especially when the Nintendo shareholders compare the dollars rolling in from the likes of Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run to what the Switch is bringing in. I don’t know how long they’ll be keen to keep putting money into the Switch for.

      • Maybe its a good thing. If they stop making hardware then they could develop games that don’t rely on gimmicky motion controls and second screens with decent graphics and widespread market accessibility.

        • Or they could descend into the mire of bullshit mobile free to play games and fade away into complete irrelevance.

          • Then, what, oh what, would you, Nintendo haters, do with your lives? Fall into purposeless depression? Or just pick another beloved brand of whatever and make a post in every single article published about it, dismissing its products and predicting its demise?

            I mean, you guys have been pretty hard at it for over a decade. That’s not an habit that’s going to be easy to shake off.

          • Who said I was a Nintendo hater? I don’t hate them, I’m just not a fawning sycophant for them, either, like some others seem to be.

          • Yeah, I apologise. I made an assumption based on all your posts about the Switch, containing only derision, mockery and predictions (almost wishes) for its early and definitive demise and that of Nintendo.

            Maybe you yourself don’t notice how strongly you are coming off, so perhaps reread your posts after a good night of sleep?

    • Easy enough to call. I’m not seeing exclusives here.

      Even the Zelda Game is like Twilight Princess; a GameCube game ported to the Wii and held back so the Wii had an “exclusive” game.

      Don’t get me wrong, the game as a whole is still great but that still doesn’t hide Nintendo’s huge problem; lack of good exclusive games to justify the investment.

    • they need to start pumping out their core brands….Mario, Pokemon, Metroid….Blast Corps


      • Blast corps IP belongs to Rare, not Nintendo. Hence its appearance in the Rare Replay bundle on Xbox

    • Don’t know why google news just served me this news story, but glad it did.

      You NAILED IT!!

    • Yeah. No good exclusives, unfriendly DRM (if past devices are to go by), Apple style contempt with existing accessors and inexcusable hardware limitations.

      It’s like Nintendo is screaming “We can’t take it anymore!” and is committing suicide in front of us.

  • Everyone is just looking at launch day. Seriously – who ISNT going to get Zelda and play that to death??

    In the first day we have 10+ games so far not including all VC and eShop only titles (and possibly more retail games to come). And in the first month of release we have another 8 or so games coming – with more to be announced in the next 6 weeks.

    I think it’s early yet aslnd spacing out the big titles with Zelda coming on launch day is smart.

    Or should they just port every game already on or coming to Xbone/PS4? Not like you need a new console for them is it.. we also have Hollow Knight in the first month and we are waiting on the release date for Lego Worlds which just got announced.

    I’m as pissed as everyone about the lack of games shown at the event – but ever since there has been talk of new games, ports etc nearly every day coming to Switch. Xbone has less games coming in the next few months compared to Switch.

  • Although nice to have games coming to the Switch, I really hope we don’t just see heaps of older games/indies shovelled onto it.

  • I don’t think that the line up is that bad at all. Sure, it’s a tiny amount of games, but they actually have one good major release here in LoZ: BoTW. Look at the rubbish the 3DS launched with:

    Nintendo games:
    Pilotwings Resort
    Steel Diver
    Nintendogs + Cats

    Third-Party Games:
    Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
    The Sims 3
    Madden NFL Football
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
    Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
    Ridge Racer 3D
    Super Monkey Ball 3D
    Bust-A-Move Universe
    Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
    Asphalt 3D
    Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D
    Rayman 3D
    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

    Honestly there isn’t a single meaty game there bar possibly Street Fighter IV, yes, they were coming soon, but that was the launch lineup and the 3DS went on to do pretty well. On the other hand the Wii U launched with a Mario game and a CoD game and we all know how well that console sold.

    People that look to the amount of games on offer at launch as a reason for the possible failure of the Switch are flat-out short sighted given the evidence of very good ‘sales’ thus far and a major release in BoTW which looks to be pretty phenomenal on top of a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm for the new form of product Nintendo are offering that reminds me a lot of the attitude surrounding the insanely popular Wii.

    The Switch may yet fail, but to predict it’s failure is to fly in the face of all the available evidence that points in the other direction.

    • The 3DS also performed very poorly at launch and Nintendo had to cut the price significantly whilst providing early adopters (unfortunately includes myself) with a bunch of NES and GBA games as consolation. Sure it sold well after that, but without the action they took it could’ve gone the way of the Wii U. Also plenty of evidence in the Wii U itself which doesn’t fly in the face of this prediction. Not trying to be difficult as I want the Switch to be a success, just seeing the signs of a difficult launch.

      • although for most the hype has been quite big. it’s only a small percentage of hardcore gamers (and many of which are fankids of other consoles) who hate it so much they can’t see how anyone would buy it and also not be able to see the millions who do buy.

    • I thought Ghost Recon Shadow Wars was excellent. It’s still one of my favourite 3DS games. It’s basically handheld XCOM.

      • IIRC Julian Gallop was involved in making Shadow Wars, he of original XCOM fame. So there’s a good reason it’s excellent and like handheld XCOM 🙂

        (sadly I never got round to trying it).

        • Wow, you’re right. According to Wikipedia he was the producer. I didn’t know that, but it definitely explains why it’s good! I don’t know how well it sold but I definitely didn’t hear much about it, which is a shame because as far as launch titles go it’s pretty strong. The game was huge, too.

      • Huh, never heard any real praise for any of the launch titles and the few I played I hated, this does sound pretty good, I am curious now.

    • I think people are a bit scared after the wiiu. They want lots of launch titles to comfort that fear, incase it does go badly at least there are some games.
      As much as people like to make fun of the wiiu it has made some people loose faith, so people need these launch titles to restore it.

  • Excited to see Isaac on that list, it’s one of my go to portable games. The fact that the Vita didn’t get the last two upgrades means that this will be on my list when I make the jump. (Not till the end of the year at earliest, though. 2017 is the year of the backlog for me)

  • I am going to pretend this article about World of Goo doesn’t exist and keep pumping up how awesome my Switch will be in 5 weeks.

    • Forget the naysayers. It will be awesome. Look at how great the Wii U was for a gamer. No way this will be worse. Already beating it by miles.

  • I’ve disagreed with these people for years, but I think I’m finally there. Just give me Mario/Zelda on my PlayStation and save me the hassle of having to plug in my Wii U the three times a year I use it.

  • Haha! This is becoming painfully hilarious.

    Assuming these won’t be physical titles, chewing up valuable storage…

    Seriously what are they doing?

    • looks like they’re doubling down on making a console for their core audience; families with children. All the people poo-pooing don’t seem to realise that all of nintendos previous success has come from this demographic, not ‘hardcore’gamers who want more graphics. Look at 1 2 switch, it’s not made for adults, and my nephews think it looks fun. The portability isn’t for adults on the go, it’s so you can play with the kid accross the street while your parents watch TV. I think all of their decisions on this console look smart when you start looking at it from the perspective of children and families, not gamers who already have an ‘adult’ console.

      • I actually agree. A lot of people I know have a ps/xbox for themselves and a wii in the lounge room for the family.

  • That Nintendo tweet is downright embarrassing.

    “Hey guys, here’s 2-5yo titles that should be an easy port but won’t be available for up to 10 months.”

    And where’s the first party?

    It’s like Nintendo got drunk 4 months ago and said “lol what if we brand an Nvidea Shield and just roll with it”.

  • Apparently the batteries in the controllers aren’t removable or replaceable.

    So rather than buying a $10 pack of AA batteries once a year you’ll have to buy a $130 pair of controllers when the battery life becomes shocking! Makes sense!

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