There Were Going To Be Rogue One Disney Infinity Figures

Seven months later, the sad stories just keep on coming out of Disney Infinity's cancellation.

The title's abrupt binning, brought about more through production mismanagement than any flaws with the game and its excellent figures, mean that many series and toys which were being worked on had to be scrapped and never released.

One such line was going to be based on Rogue One, as we can see from this Baze Malbus design that has been shared by B Allen, an artist who worked on many of the series' previous figures.

Baze says that "we had a handful of Roque One characters finished". I'd have bought multiples of an Infinity-style K-2SO.

You've got to wonder if, since the prequels, classic trilogy and Force Awakens all got their own playset (Infinity's pre-made "games"), and that if they'd been working on multiple characters, then maybe Rogue One would have got one as well...


    Rebels didn't get a playset despite pretty much all the cast having a figure. I'm still sore that Hera didn't actually get a figure despite being the heart of the crew, and being a kick butt and take names kinda gal, instead relegated to DLC toybox object instead.

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    I still don't understand why Disney killed this off.

      Because they just couldn't compete with Skylanders and Lego Dimensions. A brand as big as Disney should have been able to pull it off, but the games were just not that great. If they'd had a good developer making the games it'd probably still be around.

        I guess the biggest problem became the confusing use of sets and the inability to carry sets over game to game. That really was disappointing. I wanted to use SW characters in Marvel sets, Spiderman in a SW setting etc, not be limited to 'character specific settings' unless they were made in toybox mode. That was a true limitation of the game :(

        Also the arse has really dropped out of the toys to life market.

      The figures were top notch, but the game itself kind of sucked, and didn't sell very well. Oh well, I grabbed all the Star Wars figures recently for $4 ea, including the Light FX ones. Score

      They recently said during 2.0 they went out of their way to make sure people everywhere could always get the figure they wanted but that created massive amounts of overstocks that still haven't been sold (essentially the opposite of early Amiibo issues). In the end it just wasn't making enough profits to be sustainable - along with the rest of the Disney game division - so they shut it all down :(

      They decided licensing out their properties and having someone else do the work is better than doing it themself but it looks like no 3rd-party has any interest in restarting Disney Infinity (or something similar). Still hoping Lego Dimensions will eventually be allowed to use some of the properties like Star Wars (or better yet, Marvel for some DC vs Marvel action) but I'm not holding my breath on that front.

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