This Japanese Commercial Is Surreal

And honestly, that's saying something.

[GIF via Kirin Namacha]

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, a major Japanese pharmaceutical company that's been in business for over a hundred years, has rolled out a new advertising campaign that's... um. Just watch.

The product is called Hananoa, and it's to help those with pollen and dust allergies.

There are two versions of this product: One that washes out the nasal cavity and then pours out of the nostril, and another type that you spit out after it clears out your sinus.

So a product like this will certainly find use (heck, I get bad hay fever, so I might use it). But the ad certainly is striking and is surprising people in Japan, too, with it being dubbed "surreal" online. Others were amazed at the woman who appeared in the ad, remarking at how she's a real pro to agree to this.

According to Livedoor News, there is even a small ad for Hananoa on Tokyo's Yamanote Line, one of the busiest train lines in the world!

I haven't seen the ad yet on TV here in Japan yet, but look forward to the day I do.


    They have the same product here too, I had to use it last year when I had a sinus infection that was not clearing.
    It is creepy hosing out your nose until it pours out the other nostril, but you can buy the kits at any Australian chemist.

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      While not as intense, is there also Fess which does the same thing but via a spray?

      Big question is: did it work?

        I had the same problem too and it was prescribed by my doctor. Yes it worked well, because when you have sinus infections, merely blowing your nose doesn't really expunge the phelgm.

          Must try. I constantly have issues with my sinus.

        Yeah, it works really well, but is also horrible and gross each time.

    I've used a sinus pump many times, personally prefer going for a swim at the beach for the same effect though.

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