Titanfall Twitter Spams Random People Who Tweet They Want New Games

Titanfall Twitter Spams Random People Who Tweet They Want New Games

Titanfall‘s official Twitter account is taking a rather active approach to their marketing. The account is messaging users who make the smallest mention of wanting to play a new game.

First noted by CMA Productions on Reddit, the Titanfall Twitter is pretty aggressive when it comes to suggesting their game to players looking for a new game to play. Sliding into their mentions, the account keeps suggesting Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 is a damn good game, but this social media strategy seems more than a little desperate. It’s not the first time that game’s account has made missteps. A few months ago, it took some cheap shots at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Respawn Entertainment is staffed by many Infinity Ward employees. The official account is run by EA and not Respawn. The developers tweeted out their support for their former peers in response.

Other EA-produced titles have also made faux pas. The official Battlefield account started up the tonedeaf #justWWIthings hashtag, which led to them deleting a handful of tweets and issuing an apology.

I love Titanfall 2. It was number one my top 10 games of 2016. But maybe we could slow down just a bit, yeah? If not, you can at least make your thoughts clear on the matter.

Titanfall Twitter Spams Random People Who Tweet They Want New Games


  • Still don’t like Titanfall 2 as much as Titanfall 1. Just doesn’t feel as fast paced and frenzied which kills it for me.

    • Completely agree, movement slower and maps aren’t great. Angel City is probably the best one and that’s from TF1.

    • Have you two actually played TF2? The new combat, Titan and gun balancing are wayyy faster than TF1, if anything, the new game’s time to kill is too fast in my opinion, it’s just the map designs that doesn’t showcase it’s strength.

      • The open beta totally turned me off. I’m not really keen on paying money to give it a go afterwards.

  • I thought I needed a new game to play…turns out an old one suited me better.

    Returned to WoW after not touching it for 5 years…haven’t played anything else in the last 4 months.

  • I couldn’t care less for MP.

    The SP in Titanfall 2 was a blast. I put it up there with the year’s best games. Looked gorgeous on the PS4Pro too.

  • I was playing it online for a while but went back to Battlefield 4 because I’m better at that!

  • Battlefield one has nothing to work towards, It’s not balanced, It’s like playing a modern Call of duty game while at the same time it’s trying to be a slower paced game, Theres nothing to unlock from level 4 to 9 in any of the classes, If your playing with friends, Then your in for some fun but by yourself it’s just nothing special, I’ve had a blast with Titanfall 2, Your always working towards an unlock which is satisfying .

    • honestly this is the first time I’ve heard this opinion or train of thought. I played CS 1.5 and 1.6 for an estimated 3-5k hours over the course of several years without any ‘unlocks’ or ‘perks’ or anything like that. I thought most people still played multiplayer games for the gameplay?

      • The current console crowd, you know the 90’s and 2000’s kids, having short attention span, if core gameplay gets too repetitive, they will lose interest in the game very easily, this is the main reason the recent COD tries to add in “Super-moves” and abilities and whatnots, to appease those kids.

        • I’m a 90’s kid, I played and loved Contra, Tetris… Sure it’s my attention span… I was commenting on gameplay but you lost focus or attention… Not a fan of recent Cods either. Lol

      • The gameplay isn’t balanced, That’s the important thing to take away from my comment, Like i said playing with friends is a blast but even then, Battlefield 1 isn’t really the ww1 experience most ppl thought it would be, Bolt action rifles which were the main firearms in ww1 are designated as sniper rifles? This is gameplay issues, The gameplay doesn’t feel like a ww1 experience , You know that in battlefield you change weapons by unlocking them or upgrading to a better weapon right?

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