Very Suspicious Man Spotted At Nintendo's Switch Presentation

[Image: q759793343]

At the recent Nintendo Switch event in Tokyo, there was some guy walking around and taking photos of various things.

He seems rather familiar, no?

Of course, this sure as heck looks like Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida, who often goes to all sorts of gaming events, whether that's to check out the competition or just games in general.

What can I say, this suspicious guy loves video games!


    Could it be him getting ideas for the Vita 2. Here's hoping.

      Dusted off my Vita last week and god damn I really want a Vita 2. Have it still play games from the vita and add clickable L and R sticks and extra shoulder buttons and we'll have ourselves a perfect handheld for the future. I'd even remote play more often

    Isn't that just the same as bloggers and journalists?

    If it is him, he shouldn't be using an iPhone!!

    Is it a suspicious man or is it Shuhei Yoshida?

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