Vlambeer's Giant Book Is Fantastic

Vlambeer are best known for their video games like Luftrausers, Nuclear Throne and Ridiculous Fishing. I've been enjoying something else they have done recently, though, and it's something a bit more tangible: this big book all about the team and their history.

At 152 over-sized pages, it's really two books in one: there's a massive collection of big artwork spreads throughout, but there's also a 20,000-word history of the studio to read as well, put together by Arjan Terpstra, who did a fantastic job on the big Killzone book that came out in 2016.

There are two versions available. One is $US95 ($131), comes in a giant box and includes a notebook and fancy print, along with signatures from Vlambeer's Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman. The other, at $US40 ($55), gets you just the book.

Both are available from Cook & Becker, an art dealer who we've featured a few times before for their lush video game prints.


    Awesome, I remember my younger brother & I having heaps of fun with Ridiculous Fishing a few years back. Might have to add this to my coffee table book collection.

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