Rewatch Nintendo's Fire Emblem Presentation Right Here

Image: Koei Tecmo/Nintendo

We're just about to kick off with the latest Switch presentation - but this time it's all about Fire Emblem. And if you'd like to see what Koei Tecmo has got planned for the Switch (and the 3DS!), come on in.

The presentation will kick off at 9:00 AM AEDT (8:00 AM Queensland, 8:30 AM Adelaide, 6:00 AM Perth). Nintendo announced beforehand that the presentation will be dedicated to all Fire Emblem titles, not just Fire Emblem Warriors which was teased during the Switch presentation.

People are taking that to mean that Fire Emblem Fates might get announced; there's a small chance we could see Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE as well, although it's a bit early in the Switch's life for crossovers. (The system could use a solid Japanese rhythm game, mind you.)

Either way, the YouTube stream is embedded below.

Update: Fire Emblem Echoes was announced for the 3DS on May 19, with accompanying Amiibo, so this isn't a Switch-only presentation.

Update #2: Well, that was it - barely lasted 20 minutes. Three games were announced: the 3DS Fire Emblem Echoes, Fire Emblem Warriors for the Switch and the 3DS, and a February 2 release for Fire Emblem Heroes on Android, a mobile spin-off. (If you want to pre-register for that, you can do so here.)


    Please leave this up after the presentation guys! I have meetings out the proverbial until early arv and will miss this :(

    Wellity wellity.
    Gaiden remake looks great. Wish I could do a spoiler in a spoiler to talk about gur favccrg fubjvat jung ybbxrq yvxr erny-gvzr qhatrba rkcybengvba, that was surprising.

    FE: Heroes looks nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. Apart from the chibi field art and the slimmed character art it looks like it'd be worth a try.

    And an unannounced Switch game for 2018. Glad to wait on that.

      I missed the whoooooooooooooooooole thing so regale me with each of those, if you please!

        FE Gaiden, the second game of the series is being remade as FE Echoes: Shadows of Valentia for the 3DS. Carries a similar style to Awakening and Fates and looks to include both dungeon crawling and hitting. There will be amiibo.

        FE Heroes is a smartphone game built around the traditional FE battle system. Characters appear to be added to your party through a random purchase system using in-game currency and can be leveled through play. The art looks like phone game art.

        A FE game has been announced for the Switch. It is currently titled "Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch" and is slated for 2018. Speculation is this iteration will further the dating sim aspects of the series, and is likely to be titled "FE 4 NS" on release.

        And on an odd side note, the entire Direct was narrated by adult Ricken.

    Looking forward to a new Fire Emblem game. Fates was pretty cool but I absolutely loved Awakening.

      Yeah i really need to at atleast finish 1 of the 3 campaigns in Fates.

        I can't really explain why but I found the campaigns in Fates tedious to get through. If you're only going to do 1 I suggest Revelations.

          I'm stymied on both Awakening and the first 'third' of Fates.

          Is it in my best interest to work out the best children units before the game gets too hard? None of my units can hold up in the later stages of Awakening.

          And I'm torn between breezing through Birthright, or doing the same hard yards before I really need to do so. None of what I'm doing carries into the next one anyway of course.

          I was going to get through all 3 starting with Birthright.

          I mainly haven't gotten through it due to other games and distractions.
          Will one day get through it.

    Anyone else feel like watching Blackadder now?

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