The Ring Girl Crawls Out Of Department Store TV, Frightens Shoppers

The Ring Girl Crawls Out Of Department Store TV, Frightens Shoppers

Shopping for a new TV is already a hassle. Trying to decide what size to get, and what features you need, all while dealing with a pushy shop assistant is bad enough. So the last thing you want exasperating the ordeal is a mild heart attack when a store’s demo model becomes a portal to a nightmarish otherworld.

The pranksters who tricked a coffee shop full of terrified people into thinking a girl with telekinetic powers was losing control are back with an equally wonderful prank where that creepy little girl from The Ring, and its upcoming sequel, Rings, suddenly crawls out of a TV in an electronics store. Watch how that all plays out below, and be thankful you buy everything online from the comfort of your couch.

The setup for the prank involved building a fake wall inside a real electronics store in upstate New York that was covered in TVs showing demo videos of, you guessed it, the trailer for Rings.

One of those TVs featured a special lifting mechanism revealing a hidden compartment inside the wall, where the same actress who played that creepy little girl in Rings would come crawling out, in character, terrifying unsuspecting shoppers. The results are predictably entertaining for those of us viewing the prank from afar. But the next time you’re strolling through a JB Hi-Fi you’ll probably think twice about checking out the TV department.



  • i’m mildly curious what the logistics of this prank involved

    according to wikipedia NY has conceal carry permit. so what’s to stop a (?truly?) random shopper from blasting the paranormal entity…

    I’m sure my fight or flight response will probably lead me to run but I imagine somewhere out there there’s a person who’s first initial reaction is to punch the living daylight out what’s scaring them

    • I’ve often thought that with these kind of pranks, especially those run by a business. In the very unlikely case of a victim lashing out with whatever is at hand and doing harm to the prankster/actress/actor in question, the business will be in all kinds of trouble. There’s no way that the prank’s victim could be held responsible for that kind of instantaneous decision, and both they and the person harmed would both have a case against the business.
      No way that’d get past a risk assessment – “What could happen?” – well, someone might be carrying a heavy (something) and strike the actress, causing injury or death. “How likely is this to happen” – Injury, not likely; death, very unlikely. “What can we do to lessen the chance?” – keep the actress away from physical contact by placing other props or barricades.
      “We didn’t think it was very likely” doesn’t stand up in court, if there was something you could’ve done, but elected not to.

      • awkward postmortem meeting

        “so how did the marketing stunt go”
        “well the actress got punched about 6 times before we finally decided we should stop it”

    • Like the video of that kid jumping out of the bin to scare someone and getting ko’d and falling back down inside the bin. Hilarious.

    • When my son was little, he punched a character that jumped out to scare him and the staff with the character yelled at him saying that he can’t punch it. I told them that if they were going to try and jump out and scare kids they they need to expect a response.

  • The Ring was such an awful movie. Is this the sequel to that one?

    Ring(u) was the original Japanese movie that sadly got dragged down by its poor sequels too. I’m yet to bring myself to watch that weird Grudge crossover that’s out.

    …is it any good?

  • would love to see how many times the actress was assaulted by people who went into Fight mode instead of Flight

  • People are wondering about the legal and health and safety pitfalls of these pranks but I always assumed the ‘victims’ were in on these pranks. It seems like the most logical scenario. I mean, what company would put themselves at any kind of legal risk over something like this when actors are cheap to hire?

  • Pretty sure everyone in these is an actor. Same with that Carrie one which they recently re branded and did again.

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